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Intolerable Conditions (nearly)

Posted by Dirck on 31 January, 2013

I mentioned a few entries back about “expectedly craptacular” weather, did I not?  -33 when I left the house this morning.

Too cold, it seems, for the furnace at The Regular Job.  There’s some poor bastard creeping about on the roof this very minute, putting it right, and since it’s not yet cold enough to keep vegetables fresh in here, we’re not being given a day off (resentment mingles with pride at Canadian hardiness).  While it’s possible to do one’s duties in these temperatures, it’s no fun to try typing (or, as I initially put down, “trypinh”) original thoughts.  I’m just going to go and look at original thoughts of others and sit on my hands a lot over the lunch break.  Jack Frost willing, I will be around tomorrow, Friday though it be.

Today’s pen: Kaweco Sport 
Today’s ink: Kaweco blue-black (the moment it stops flowing, I’m outta here)


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