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Obligatory Scribbling

Posted by Dirck on 30 January, 2013

I’ve never attempted to write a novel in a month, even though a month is specifically marked for making such an effort.  I know the boundaries of my freedom and abilities, and while I suppose I could probably bang out the requisite stack of words, the effort would introduce far too much friction into the mechanism of the house and all for a stack of words I’d likely find arranged in a displeasing manner anyway (sour grapes, that last bit).

The lads over at Fountain Pen Geeks have undertaken to foist upon the world another month of writing, and I am trying to develop excuses to not join in.  There is, of a sudden, International Correspondence Writing Month looming up over the horizon, and a splendid and daunting prospect it is!  Sit down and write (without resorting to computer or, I suspect, typewriter) a letter each day of the coming month and then rise up and mail it, or even hand it directly to the intended reader; what an excellent way to distract oneself from the worst month the northern hemisphere has to offer.  In passing, I think the novel-writing month was out of tune; clotting up the a month when the weather is just starting to go bad with an indoor activity and distracting from what would be a comfortable lead-time of pre-Yule planning?  Madness.  January would be better; a resolution one might stick to, a reason not to go outside in some rather ugly weather, and in all likelihood starting the effort with a Hemingwayesque hang-over all make much more sense.

All the same, I’m not sure I have the grit to involve myself with InCoWriMo.  I’m barely keeping up with the correspondents/correspondence I have now; committing myself to that sort of output, even though it seems a postcard with “Hope all is well” scrawled on the back is sufficient for a day, seems as likely to disrupt the domestic harmony just as much as NaNiWriMo’s 2,000 words a day.

I do owe a couple of letters, though, and perhaps I’ll informally apply myself to the endeavour.  No resolutions, no oaths, but a simple “let’s see how I get on.”  I’ll be happy to get letters during this event, of course, so I certainly urge those who feel they can devote the time to make at least as much of an attempt as I’m at.  Write a family member a note.  Send something scathing to the politician in your life.  It all counts, and you’ll probably feel better for it.  It may even become habit forming.

Today’s pen: Waterman Master
Today’s ink: Pelikan Brilliant Brown


6 Responses to “Obligatory Scribbling”

  1. I tried something similar over at FPN, and I ran out of gas pretty quickly. It’s a lot to do, as much as I enjoy writing by hand, with a fountain pen. Good luck!

    • I decline Yoda’s dictum– “try” is certainly a valid option, and usually the one I plump for. It is simply the bifurcation of one’s path on the way to “succeed” or “fail”… or, depending on the number of tries, “fail better“. I suspect I’ll stick with VERY SHORT notes.

  2. Andrew said

    I’ve a couple letters to write. I think this was the impetus I needed to put my nose to the grindstone and get them done, but there is absolutely no way I will be able to write one letter everyday. As you implied, I think a postcard a little wimpy…

    • I’m inclined to think that FPGeeks lives on a planet with a 47 hour day and twelve day week. They seem to have LOTS of time for being what they are AND holding down jobs that fund all but their most avaricious pen desires.

  3. I love the month of letter writing project alas I am behind myself. I may or may not take my novel writing back to fountain pen side I have not decided..

    On the topic of letters I thought I should let you know that as of this writing the post office seems to have failed in delivery of the letter mailed after Christmas. Thought perhaps it was just some sluggishness and gave them ample time alas at this point I think an owl ate it. (you watch soon as I hit post an owl is going to swoop in and hand me the letter…just to make me wrong)

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