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Short, Dark, and (Reasonably) Handsome

Posted by Dirck on 29 January, 2013

Those who fought their way through to the end of yesterday’s odd entry (cabin fever, folks; don’t underestimate it!) will have noticed that I am now publicly admitting to the Kaweco Sport I was given in the Yule-proximate time just past.  I thought, since someone has had their breath bated since the beginning of the month, I’d utter a couple of less formal thoughts as an appendix to what I’ve got on my site.  Let’s have the little fellow in front of us, though– I’d hate to be accused of talking behind his back:

To the uninitiated, it hardly suggests “pen” at all.

For a start, I think this is one of the best combinations of unconventional looks and appealing configuration I’ve run across.  I could look at that all day long… or rather at the actual item, since the flattening effect of photography somewhat reduces the appeal.

I’m also quite pleased with the portability aspect of it.  I’ll probably be able to resist the urge to pitch it into a trouser pocket to be beaten about by keys and change, but it’s one of the few pens I’ve got that will lie in the pockets of the waistcoat I’m wearing today.  I’ve got a couple of smaller ring-tops, but they’re vintage and I dare not leave them untethered, which means they tend to not lie flat.  This waistcoat is of excellent material, but the pockets are painfully shallow; if my tiny metal Wahl peeks up out of them, there’s little hope for other pens, and yet the Sport snuggles down in them and stays put.

I’m also happy enough with the performance.  It’s not an big-deal expensive pen, so I’m not expecting a lot out of it, and as I’ve said time and again it’s the low expectations that get fulfilled to admiration.  When it was delivered, there were expressions of regret that it was a medium, but I have to say that this is a very restrained medium point for a modern pen.  It’s almost Japanese in its interpretation, perhaps even vintagesque.  The sole worry I have is slight dryness, and this might be an artifact of the Kaweco brand ink I’ve used thus far in it.  It’s not such a problem that I’ve been moved to attack it with the tools of remediation.

The last thought I have to offer at the moment (I only have so many each day, after all), is connected with the looks once again.  I do not show any pictures of the pen sans cap.  I don’t recall ever having seen such a picture, and I don’t intend to address this lack any time soon.  The Kaweco Sport without its cap is rather like a hermit crab without a shell; not very useful, a little nervous, and funny-looking to the point of grotesquery.  Few people will think to use it without the cap posted in any event, so there’s little danger of espying it in it’s undraped state.

Today’s pen: Kaweco Sport (with its shame firmly covered)
Today’s ink: Kaweco blue-black (no profile page for these inks yet, so it’s just a visual sample)


2 Responses to “Short, Dark, and (Reasonably) Handsome”

  1. Andrew said

    I dare say you have a great deal more self restraint than me. I toss my CE Levi, Edison LEA, and CdA Ecridor (or any other of my few pens) in my trouser pockets on a regular basis… The only pen I will not carry in a pocket is my Swan 1312, and only because it is lacking a cap.

    • Someone have my valet bring up the bismuth and the smelling salts; I must retire to the swooning chamber.

      But in all sober earnest, there’s very few pens I’ll allow to ride in the trousers. I was chastised by a somewhat disheveled TD Admiral for the practice (oh, the embarrassing stain!), and I don’t have enough of a wardrobe to gamble with, but I also have a wardrobe in which shirt pockets abound. There’s also the effect of having seen swarms of vintage pens in a thoroughly savaged state combining with the notion that one day all my new pens will be vintage. Yes, that does mean I’m worried about being judged by people living in 2078.

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