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Shooting the Moon

Posted by Dirck on 25 January, 2013

Well, I’m feeling better… but it’s Friday, so I’m going to persist with the slacking.  This is something I stumbled against recently, and had thought to save it for an anniversary posting in the summer.  However, I’ve got the link right in hand, it’s rather neatly reasoned, and there’s a splendid waxing moon lurking a few hours below the horizon urging me on to lunacy, so here’s a nice refutation of conspiracy theories one can really get behind:

I said to a friend who came across this about the same time that it’s rather more useful than my own reply to such foolishness: If the moon landing transmissions hadn’t been coming from the moon, the Soviets were quite capable of triangulation and would have blabbed.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Statesman TM
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Vert Empire



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