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Dame Irony’s Armlock

Posted by Dirck on 23 January, 2013

Handwriting day!  HOORAH!

The Augean-style heaps of workaday horror I was whining about on Monday have been perpetually reinforced through a seasonal freak in the usual pace of The Regular Job.  This has had two results which have bearing on the day:

  1. I have seen many, many different examples of modern handwriting.  The average is lamentable in its scrawliness, and none but my own has shown any sign of fountain pennery.
  2. The amount of keyboard use over the past two and a bit days has made the act of writing by hand (even with a fountain pen!) somewhat onerous for me.  And don’t get me started on what typing this entry is doing to me, small though it is.

So, those who are uncrippled today; enjoy both writing and the power of doing so, and spare a thought for those of us who are, for reasons of injury, age or flawed education, unable to.

Today’s pen (not doin’ much): Sheaffer Statesman TM
Today’s ink (not goin’ too far): Herbin’s Vert Empire


2 Responses to “Dame Irony’s Armlock”

  1. I shall think of you as I deploy a variety of pens today.

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