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Just Another (Big) Day

Posted by Dirck on 21 January, 2013

Well, the week off is over, and the wonderful glow of accomplishment around the home is replaced with the return to The Regular Job and its spiritual equivalent of a spike-covered log swinging out of the ceiling into one’s face in the form of a heap of things any of the co-workers could have attended to (as I have for them) but was left to heap up for a week.  Good thing it wasn’t two weeks, eh?

But enough complaining– let’s get down to complaining!  I don’t have as much time to write today as I’d like, thanks to someone at the post office having a vastly complex transaction to conduct and apparently about three-fifths the necessary materials; it wasn’t a money-order, it wasn’t a parcel to be sent, but it sure took a lot of talking, hand-waving, and handing over of twenty dollar bills.  So, with very limited time, let me refer to something I noticed recently, so you can notice it too.

My favourite store in this city points out that Wednesday is National Handwriting Day.  I will add to the pointing out that the nation referred to by “National” is the US, so I can’t agitate for us to have a day off or cake in the board room, nor can I insist on chaining down a number of co-workers and insisting upon their learning how to apply a pen to paper with some dexterity.  As with Fountain Pen Day, I’ll be observing the event through doing exactly what I do each and every day– writing by hand as well as I’m able.  But, as Scrooge on Christmases subsequent to his ghostly visitations, there will be a touch more savour to the inherent joy of acting every day as many people do only when reminded by a note on the calendar.

I will also, as I do most days, keep an eye out for the handwritten efforts of others, to appreciate the effort if (in most cases) not the artistic achievement.  We’re told that beauty lies about us at all times.  Some of it is the result of human achievement, and some of that is a mere note or grocery list, discarded by the writer.  Keep an eye out for it, and you may also get a smile of no expense and, to the vast majority, of mysterious genesis.

You’ll get extra bonus points if mysteriously-generated smiles make others nervous.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Statesman TM (at long blinkin’ last)
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Vert Empire


6 Responses to “Just Another (Big) Day”

  1. Maja said

    And I, too, shall observe National Handwriting Day in my own way! Nice to see the Sheaffer Statesman is in use; how does it write? Oh—and are there any shops in Regina that sell fountain pens? Just curious as I didn’t see any listed on my fellow VPC member Glenn Marcus’ list of pen stores (index here: http://www.marcuslink.com/pens/stores1.html).

    • Paper Umbrella has Lamy, Faber-Castell, and Diplomat, they had and may still carry Waterman and Parker, and they’re contemplating Pelikan. They’re not a dedicated pen store, but they’re several orders of magnitude better than the next best (Staples).

      The Stateman is exactly what one hopes for in that sort of Sheaffer point (wet and willing) as well as what one expects (very very firm).

  2. We don’t have a day off either. Unfair!! In solidarity with you, I will dust off my Statesman TM as well.

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