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As Sung by Annie Lennox

Posted by Dirck on 8 January, 2013

Oh, don’t I wish it!  Since I’m not quite free of yesterday’s funk (although it is lifting), and still somewhat enmeshed in the tendrils of hindsight, I thought I would follow my big Top Five from last week with another, equally baseless and non-applicable-to-anyone-but-me list in a bluer tone.  Here follows, good readers,…

My Five Foremost Regrets in Terms of Pen Purchases in the Previous Year!

Well, look who’s back.

Starting gently, we have an unexpected entrant from that previous list.  The Faber-Castell LOOM is a nice pen, but the amount of use to which it has been put since I got it suggests that the odd proportions and funny colour scheme are producing subconscious barriers to its inclusion in my regular line-up.  I regret that I’m not using it more, and also that I’m so weak in the face of fashion.

What is hard to make out in this picture is that the point decoration can be interpreted as an insolent grin.

The problems I have with the Baoer 388 all orbit around its majestic Parkeresque cap.  It’s a devil to get off, but for all that clinging it also doesn’t seal particularly well.  Since I got it with an eye to having it as an on-call pen with a little more eye appeal than, lets say a Lamy Safari or even a TWSBI (which, while I appreciate the transparent look, is not necessary good in all circumstances), this inability to hold a charge is a serious drawback.  I’d regret it more if it hadn’t been so very inexpensive.

I can feel myself drifting off into a coma even now.

Elevated expectations and a little more need for point adjustment than I was quite prepared for are probably the source of my problems with the Eversharp Symphony I got almost a year ago.  Since it was an NOS item, I can’t shift any blame to a previous user’s foolish indiscretions.  I can’t really define my problems with it, either, to say, “This pen is displeasing because of X and Y.”  All I have is… meh.  Feh.  Eh.  My crank, so free in its action where pens are concerned, remains unturned.  I should mention at this point that elevated expectations almost saw the TWSBI Mini onto this list, but it managed to come closer to meeting them.  My baseline of expectation in modern pens is somewhat lower.

I know a few people for whom this comes as no surprise.

Yes, yes, I was told.  While my example of the Cross Aventura has yet to develop any of the less charming flaws I’ve been told I may expect, it’s not really growing on me as I’d hoped it might.  Too expensive for what it is, a cloud of anticipated failure floating about it… it’s doomed to disappoint, now, and in being so doomed it achieves.  That brings us to my greatest regret of the previous year, and I suggest that your all hold onto your hats, wigs or ears, as is appropriate.

All together now: WHAAAAAA????

How the dickens does this lovely Sheaffer Statesman TM become my biggest disappointment in a year that included pens mailed by careless Frenchmen and taunting repair jobs?  I like the filler, I like the performance of those big two-tone Sheaffer points, I like the size of the Thin Model pens… so what’s the problem?  Was is cursed with lesson-teaching, wish-granting powers by a fakir?  Are there hard-to-see poison spines?

No.  The problem with this pen is not within it, but what it lies within.  Cast your minds back to October, when I mentioned this pen’s arrival.  No, that’s unfair; let me do the casting for you:

Man, that’s some fancy digs.

Now, where the problem lies is not my prejudice towards the ballpoint that lurks in this splendid casket with the pen.  The casket itself is the issue.  It’s very nice.  It’s in good shape.  I’ve put it well out of harm’s way, and because of this, I forget this pen exists when pen-choosing time rolls up.  The regret lies solely in the fact that I’ve had this pen for many weeks and have yet to use it, because I’m too thick to remember that I want to use it.  This can be remedied, of course, and probably will be in the very near future, but at the moment this negligence stands out amongst the more active regrets of the past year.  Unwilling self-denial!  What could be more regretted in this age of rapid gratification?

Today’s pen, not altogether free of regrets: Hero 100
Today’s ink, utterly blameless: Herbin’s Bleu Myosotis


4 Responses to “As Sung by Annie Lennox”

  1. Maja said

    I was a bit surprised at seeing the F-C “Loom” on this list, but I have to admit I did the same thing with a NOS Sheaffer Imperial fountain pen/ballpoint set in “Cadmium Orange”. I wanted to use them at some point, so what did I do? I stored them somewhere “safe”….. and promptly forgot about them! The solution (I think) is to move the Sheaffer Statesman set from its original case, to another 3-pen case which you can carry around with you. Oh, and re: the Baoer 388—I have one as well, and my biggest annoyance is the ‘start-up’ problems the pen has.

    • I’m just going to haul the Statesman out and put it where I’ll figuratively trip over it the next time change-over is considered. Probably. Assuming I remember to do so.

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