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Clearing the Books

Posted by Dirck on 31 December, 2012

Well, here we are at the purported end of the year (I know it would cause difficulty, but I find disconnecting it from the solstice slightly absurd), and we should all be looking into how to be a better person in the upcoming arbitrarily delineated 365.25 day unit.  For my part, I’m going to try to abstain from getting into detailed debates on Facebook about whether or no Disney films promote sexism.

Another useful thing that the year’s ticking-over offers is a chance to abolish some debts, monetary, moral, karmic or otherwise.  A chance… but we must acknowledge that the means of doing so can be elusive.  I remain firmly lodged in the statistical norms for household debt in Canada and have not to my knowledge won the necessary lottery to get dislodge… although I’m pleased with the proportion of that debt which accrues to a credit card.  Debts of work I’m rather more generally pleased with, since over the weekend I got within one pen of catching up with the client work-load; the only person I owe pen repairs at the moment, really, is myself.

There is a peculiar debt that many people in the modern milieu don’t ever touch upon.  I had thought that I was entirely on top of it, too, until the turning over of the post-Christmas detritus allowed us to start attacking the pre-Christmas detritus, and I made an embarrassing discovery.  I found that I was not in the black in terms of owing people letters.  There, amid some distressingly un-disposed-of items, lay two letters that should have left the house with me at least a month ago… and which I’d convinced myself had in fact done so.

Only two, though, and the heaps that concealed them have been worked down to the point of assurance that the number won’t increase.  While the letters are now in the hands of the post office, I still find myself in a position of owing something in connection with them.  I owe an apology to Lani and Ambrosia; the blame lies on me, and while I’ve undone the failure I can’t undo the delay.  Sorry, sorry, sorry.

…and on that penitential note, a Happy New Year to all.  Remember to drink lots of water if you’re drinking lots of other stuff, and that a snowbank is not a good place for a nap.

Today’s pen (standing in for the toga-wrapped outgoing year, on account of its astonishing age): Evans Dollar Pen
Today’s ink: Herbin Perle Noire

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