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An Unexpected Theme

Posted by Dirck on 13 December, 2012

The week has, unexpectedly, become thematic; stuff that takes a long time rears its head again.  In this case, the unexpectedly lengthy commitment was a visit to the doctor.  Nothing problematic, just a check on cholesterol levels (which are, thanks to a very low level dosage of statins, friggin’ awesome) and liver enzymes (because statins can cause troubles… but aren’t), but I’m right up against the end of the lunch break because the lady ahead of me kept saying, “Oh, wait… one other thing, Doctor….”  Whatever her medical problems, and they appear to be legion, force of will and an eminently carrying voice are hers to command.

So… there it is.  As contractually obligatory an entry as one could hope.

Today’s pen: Cross Aventura (still just a picture, but the page is nearly done).
Today’s ink: Cross black


5 Responses to “An Unexpected Theme”

  1. I hate people who do that–I feel ike saying to them, “You had your turn, now scram.”

    And hooray for statins! *Raising my bottle of Lipitor to you in salute*

    • Or perhaps, “Good heavens! I’m as shocked as you are– you’re NOT the only person in the world!”

      Hoorah indeed for statins, especially when they’re well-tempered ones that induce neither liver worries nor joint pain.

  2. Maja said

    Always good when you can leave a doctor’s office with no additional medical concerns to worry about! Oh, and re: my own leaky Cross Aventura…… I wasn’t confident that the resin-epoxy mixture would hold up, so I peeled it off and used some Mighty Putty (TM) instead–just enough to plug the leak, the rest being wiped off—and then a thin layer of clear nail polish after the putty had set. Works perfectly now with no leaks!

    • Mighty Putty… wasn’t that Patrick Warburton’s character on Seinfeld? Hoorah also for an end to leaks.

      • Maja said

        Ha, no that was “Puddy”, the only honest mechanic in NYC 😉
        But seriously….I’ve used the Mighty Putty to fix other pen leaks and it works beautifully *but* is a non-reversible repair, as it is nigh-impossible to remove once it fully sets and hardens.

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