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Posted by Dirck on 10 December, 2012

Because some things take a desperately long time, I must be brief today.  Thing One that takes a long time, and the one which really has bearing on today’s entry,  is getting a couple of parcels in the mail at this time of year.  Apart from imparting a sense of GOT NO TIME!! this is a pleasing development; I hope Canada Post invests the vast income of this month wisely.

Thing Two: Christmas shopping.  Where do all these people come from, and why are so few of them smiling.  Get merry, you lot!

Thing Three: Refitting a Parker Vacumatic.  This is more or less true at all times, as it’s a more involved process than the simple swapping out of a merely stiffened ink-sac.  However, some Vacumatics are more problematic than others.  I’ve read many times dark injunctions against the use of shellac on the threads of the filler where they fit into the barrel.

The arrow is pointing to something else you shouldn’t apply shellac to. The threads in question are the wider, finer ones.

Well, one of the pens I’ve been working on for a client had this error committed upon it. Those dark injunctions are absolutely right.  Some kind of supernatural intervention was, I think, involved in finally getting the thing out of its bed of many years without destroying either it or the barrel– St. Francis de Sales is a candidate, although why he’d look in at a heathen like me is an open question.  I also sort of bruised my hands on the barrel and the requisite tool.

In any event, it’s out, and just needs some scraping of the threads to clear lumps of old shellac and a little washing to clear off the injurious materials applied to undo the connections (not injurious to celluloid nor the materials of the mechanism, but not good for the diaphragm itself).  More time, of course, but there is it.

The final thing that takes a while is writing fresh pages for the website.  A few minutes last night showed me that the backlog in cataloging now requires the composition of almost sixty pages.  Expect that to take some time to address, although I think I will as instantly as I’m able add to the chorus of DO NOT regarding the combination of adhesives and Vacumatic mechanisms.

Today’s pen (and one of the backlogged items): Italix Parson’s Essential
Today’s ink: Diamine Steel Blue

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