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Corrigendum and Living in Nature

Posted by Dirck on 6 December, 2012

I have committed a bit of a factual blunder, and I owe an apology to Cross.  A couple of days ago, during my gentle turning-over of the Aventura, I said this:

Lifting the bed, though, brings one to another disappointment.  There’s nothing in there except a little more loose flocking.  No informational sheets, no warranty cards.  Nothing.

Last night, while engaged in other matters, I passed by the heap of packaging the Aventura came in, and I discovered that through what must have been a combination of avid cupidity and feverish delirium, I had become blind.  There’s no other explanation for missing the existence of a large combination informational sheet and warranty of a quite complete sort.  I feel all the worse for this because of the initial paragraph, which begins:

Full Perpetual Warranty: All CROSS writing instruments and desk set penholder mechanisms are unquestionable guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age.

It goes on to give a few sensible exceptions (they will not replace leads that wear away) and to cast the burden of postage on any claimant, but it is still a laudable declaration of faith in their products, including the rather inexpensive one under consideration.  Jolly good show, that pen manufacturer.

The rest of my material for today is rather short, through a different set of my own failings.  Winter has not shown us its worst as far as temperature goes in these early stages, but the counterbalance to this comfort has been days upon days without sunshine.  Yesterday, for a little while just after I’d finished here, the skies cleared, and sun streamed in to illuminate the organic-grey laminate of my work surface at The Regular Job.  My duties call for me to make notes at very frequent intervals, and so this sun also fell upon the pen and the trail of ink it left upon the paper.

Here’s where my failing arises.  It is difficult to evoke in writing, and especially writing quickly composed and little considered, a sense of the numinous.  The ineffable resists dashing off; an attempt leaves something highly F-able.  Because the event was very short-lived, through planetary rotation and arrangement of windows, it was also not available for contemplation without the covering hum of novelty.  It may, in fact, have been no more than light-headedness as my system threw all its resources into the production of Vitamin D.  However, I have a notion that the magic would be there regardless of duration or vitamin deprivation

In this age of electric light, when many leisure activities are restricted to the dark hours, those moments just after rising and just before collapsing which are often all we can call our own, I suspect a lot of us fountain pen enthusiasts don’t get to see how pen-point and ink will play with natural light.  I suggest making an effort to take it in and, as a Buddhist might suggest, give it the whole of your attention.  I feel infinitely richer for having done no more than stare at the business of my pen while it engaged upon the business of my employer, because there were tiny, evanescent wonders of beauty happening.

…and that’s with a non-boutique ink, too!

Today’s pen, toiling under a heavy layer of cloud AGAIN: Sheaffer Statesman
Today’s ink: Mont Blanc Racing Green

P.S. – I’m not going to be around tomorrow, not even to leave a link to a silly film.  It’s not because I’ve joined a cult or been taken up to Nibiru. Back on Monday!

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