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Revelations 11:30

Posted by Dirck on 30 November, 2012

Between going from the office for lunch and a train across my return path, I’m a little late posting this result to The Big Draw (and also a little late closing the competition, so it’s all fair).  If my lovely assistant Gladys (a one-eyed elderly orangutan, who throws herself into the role by wearing a spangled leotard) will hand me the letter…

…and give me back all my fingers, thank you Gladys, the new owner of Eula M. Edwards’s burgundy Parker “51” Demi is:

This is it! The big moment!

…the notable ailurophile and mysterious presence behind Gourmet Pens!  I’ll be making e-mail contact presently (which, as I mentioned yesterday, is hardly contact at all) to discover where in this great wide world the pen must now travel.  Thanks to all for participating, thanks to all for looking in even without participation, and here’s hoping that I have the resources and wit to do a similar potlatch for my site’s second anniversary.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Targa
Today’s ink: Organics Studios Cobalt

One Response to “Revelations 11:30”

  1. Maja said

    Congrats to Azizah of GourmetPens (great website, btw!). That P51 Demi will look good with the other vintage ones featured on her Daily Carry on FPGeeks 🙂

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