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Seasonal Sock Song

Posted by Dirck on 26 November, 2012

Well… not a song, exactly, although if it were to appear in the 1930s, someone would almost certainly try to stick it into a tune; those folks were pretty desperate for entertainment.

There was a challenge uttered over at the FPN to write a poetical ode to thermal socks.  Well, given the rank misery which much of November has offered, I am even more than usually fixated on winter, and I took a few minutes to bang out something rather… well, long.  However, the fixation remains, so I’m replaying it here, with some edits and (hopefully) improvements.  For readers from a country with less ferocious winters; this is the sort of thing that long dark cold parts in a year will make one think is art.

So driven by the bitter gales
are winters multitudinous teeth,
human frame for protection wails
nowhere moreso than far beneath.

Where in Zephyrus’ season
thin nylon stocking may suffice,
no one with trace of reason
wants their toes encased in ice,

And so we turn to wool,
that sovereign natural fibre,
for socks to turn the cool
of dark December’s ire!

Knit them thick of worsted
and of at least knee-length
for their mettle will be tested
by the foe’s unfailing strength!

Within stout boots of craggy grip,
behind insoles thick felted,
though even in some snow may slip,
by body heat it’s melted.

In thermal sock, the foot abounds
with cozy nigh-calenture;
unwelcome ice, in sliding down
joins mere skin-made moisture.

Then wick away, great ovine hair,
unwelcome perspiration
which were it to remain in there
would swift bring desperation!

Of all of human industry
back to the world’s creation
this noble accessory
deserves most approbation,

so praise and don the thermal sock,
until sweet Spring arrives,
in March (or, likely, May) to unlock
this land where grey ice thrives.

Once in a while, I get the urge to be poetical.  This, a highly typical result of giving into that urge, should keep me from it for a good long time.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Targa
Today’s ink: Organics Studios Cobalt

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