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The Prodigy’s Birthday

Posted by Dirck on 21 November, 2012

No, not my son’s.  He’s lucky enough to have a birthday in the part of the year when the party can include swimming.  The birthday, or rather anniversary, is of the relight of my website.  Just think– only a year ago I stopped doing tedious quasi-meta entries here about my progress there.  That’s definitely something worth celebrating.

I have been doing a bit of assessment of the new, if I may call it thus, site’s performance.  It has definitely produced a lot more incoming business for me than the previous incarnation– which is to say, any at all.  It also seems to be informing a certain number of people, based on incoming links and even occasional congratulatory notes.

I’m going to mark this event with some prodigality.  Another give-away?  Yes, indeed.  It is, in fact, the best give-away to date, very nearly an anniversary potlatch.  Here it is:

All this could be yours!

That’s a Parker “51” Demi, and while I know some folks will be put off by the engraving, it’s very appropriate to a prize draw.  It came to me in a similar way, having been a prize in a draw hosted by FP Geeks in an earlier incarnation; to pass it along seems only appropriate.  It is a pen of proven durability, both specifically and as a model, and it will last out the years quite nicely.  The model number is also, interestingly, connected to the hidden trivia of the site; the number of hits it’s had in the past year is easily divisible by 51 (and that’s as close to a definite number as I’m going to give).  I’m even going to announce this contest on the site itself, and make it a little bit of the  dust billowing from the mills of Twitter, which I’ve not yet quite gotten around to severing my connection to.

There is no skill-testing component to this give away, either.  Leave a comment on this thread, and as long as it’s not profoundly rude you’re in the running to get the nice little pen.  The contest runs until another day of notable births; November 30, which saw the appearance in various years of Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, David Mamet, Billy Idol, Jonathan Swift and Mandy Patinkin.  Yep, that’s a good day to give a birthday present, all right!

Today’s pen: Parker 95
Today’s ink: Herbin Pousièrre de Lune

31 Responses to “The Prodigy’s Birthday”

  1. […] by mounting a contest to celebrate.  One need only put a (publishable) comment of some sort on this blog entry, and one has a chance at a rather nice little Parker “51″.  How might one resist? […]

  2. Count me in! Who wouldn’t like a ’51 with a bit of history (or mystery) attached?

  3. Maja said

    Congratulations on your blog’s birthday! I still remember the way the website looked pre-upgrade (speaking of which–how long have you had the website, including all its incarnations?) Many thanks for sharing your knowledge of pen repair; I think your articles on pen resacking are among the very best out there.

    • Maja said

      Ooops! Sorry, I meant to say “your website’s birthday”…..The blog’s been around for a few years, obviously 🙂

      • I’m ashamed to say I’m not quite sure how long the site has stood on the foundations I rebuilt upon… not more than six years, surely.

        Lapsus calami (or the keyboardy equivalent thereof) are never held against.

  4. Andrew said

    Happy Birthday!

    Given that I won your last giveaway, and that I already own a beautiful black 51 (with a long unknown history — I assume it to be my grandfathers, though I never did get the chance to ask), I shall excuse myself from this contest of yours.

  5. Congrats on marking this anniversary da te!! I’m also excusing myself for the contest because I already own one of these wonderful pens!!

    • As with Andrew (the one previous, not the one below), your name MAY BE DRAWN and you’ll be able to make a gift of it yourself to anyone you like. And I’ll still cover the postage.

  6. Congratulations on the anniversary. I check in here several times a week. Thanks for your contributions to the fountain pen community. Keep up the great job!

    • Thanks very much. You’ll probably see I committed an act of editing on the multiple comment you sent; I’ve been misled by the equivocal response of comment-receiving software myself, and know how such things may happen.

  7. quincunxing said

    Congrats on your anniversary/birthday!

    The Parker 51 is a very cool pen 🙂

  8. Andrew said

    Happy Birthday!…and in hagiology, November 30 is also St. Andrew’s day, not that I am a believer in that kind of stuff.

    • I know that there’s an etymological gulf between hagiology and hags, but I always have a moment of picturing the crypt under a church stuffed with witches when I hear that word.

      Also, now that you’ve brought the saint into it, there’s altogether too many Andrews about. Mind if we call you Bruce? 🙂

      • Andrew said

        Oh no! Bruce will never do for me. I resisted mightily the snipping short of Andrew to Andy for most of my thinking life. (O Barf on that nickname).

        However we can call the Saint, ” X”, since he reputably did his martyrdom on a cross flipped 45 degrees.

        If you must, just call me “Hey, you.”

      • Andrew said

        Alas, I may not reply to Andrew’s comment, but I must add that I too have resisted the shortening of my name to Andy. Drew is worse still. I like to think that there is a special circle of hell for those individuals who shorten names. I don’t mind a nickname though (I have had several over the years).

  9. David Levy said

    Congratulations. I’ve learned a lot from your site.

  10. How on earth have I not discovered your blog already?! I apologize for my slowness here. (I’d love to be entered in your giveaway) but I am also going to subscribe immediately!!

    • Avoiding discovery is EASY– the internet is extremely full of stuff; not finding my portions of it are like not finding Waldo when Waldo is a specific lizard in an Escher poster that covers the whole of Australia. Lateness is no bar to entering the draw, and I’ll have to make a point of looking in on you and your very pretty kitties henceforth, too.

  11. Walter Beaumont said

    This is the blog I would write if I could:

    a. Write.
    b. Have something to say.
    c. Knew more than I know about fountain pens.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Please continue.

  12. […] reminder to all– the big pen draw is less than twenty-four hours away.  If you’re not in, and you want to be, you’d best […]

  13. Entries closed! The winner is announce a week hence.

  14. […] office for lunch and a train across my return path, I’m a little late posting this result to The Big Draw (and also a little late closing the competition, so it’s all fair).  If my lovely assistant […]

  15. SPB said

    Shucks! I’m two days too late.

    Regardless, Happy Birthday and thank you for the wonderful content on your site.

    • This is a familiar sensation to me; usually stemming from one of my infrequent looks in at one of the Exaclair sites. Your comment is welcome, nonetheless, and thank you back for the kind words.

  16. Rod said

    I found my once proud Visconti in the box with the Christmas card list from last year, and despite frequent washing and coaxing, it hasn’t responded to treatment just yet. So I went hunting for some on-line help, and in a couple of minutes I found you! And I now have another reason not to procrastinate when it comes to writing cards, because if I had started when I should have, I would have had a chance at your Parker 51!

    You are now on my bookmarked list of websites to visit frequently.

    • Grim news on the Visconti front; I hope it comes around, whether my various advices and nostrums help.

      Speaking as one frequently chastised; procrastination bears it own come-uppance, doesn’t it?

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