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The Prodigy’s Birthday

Posted by Dirck on 21 November, 2012

No, not my son’s.  He’s lucky enough to have a birthday in the part of the year when the party can include swimming.  The birthday, or rather anniversary, is of the relight of my website.  Just think– only a year ago I stopped doing tedious quasi-meta entries here about my progress there.  That’s definitely something worth celebrating.

I have been doing a bit of assessment of the new, if I may call it thus, site’s performance.  It has definitely produced a lot more incoming business for me than the previous incarnation– which is to say, any at all.  It also seems to be informing a certain number of people, based on incoming links and even occasional congratulatory notes.

I’m going to mark this event with some prodigality.  Another give-away?  Yes, indeed.  It is, in fact, the best give-away to date, very nearly an anniversary potlatch.  Here it is:

All this could be yours!

That’s a Parker “51” Demi, and while I know some folks will be put off by the engraving, it’s very appropriate to a prize draw.  It came to me in a similar way, having been a prize in a draw hosted by FP Geeks in an earlier incarnation; to pass it along seems only appropriate.  It is a pen of proven durability, both specifically and as a model, and it will last out the years quite nicely.  The model number is also, interestingly, connected to the hidden trivia of the site; the number of hits it’s had in the past year is easily divisible by 51 (and that’s as close to a definite number as I’m going to give).  I’m even going to announce this contest on the site itself, and make it a little bit of the  dust billowing from the mills of Twitter, which I’ve not yet quite gotten around to severing my connection to.

There is no skill-testing component to this give away, either.  Leave a comment on this thread, and as long as it’s not profoundly rude you’re in the running to get the nice little pen.  The contest runs until another day of notable births; November 30, which saw the appearance in various years of Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, David Mamet, Billy Idol, Jonathan Swift and Mandy Patinkin.  Yep, that’s a good day to give a birthday present, all right!

Today’s pen: Parker 95
Today’s ink: Herbin Pousièrre de Lune

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