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I’m the Boss of Me

Posted by Dirck on 15 November, 2012

I did a remarkably stupid thing yesterday.  It’s all the more stupid because I knew exactly the effect it would have, yet I did it anyway.  It is, I suppose, nice to be proven right in one’s suppositions, but that’s a shallow comfort.  But enough dancing; let’s get down the the point:

I opened up a Twitter account.

You’ll note I’m not linking to it.  In all sober earnest, I’m giving it to Monday to prove that my current estimate of it is mistaken, and if it doesn’t I shall in the best Boy Scout tradition fold up my tent and strive to make the campsite look as if I’d never been there.

When Twitter first appeared on the virtual landscape, my response was, “I don’t get it.”  Its ongoing existence and, as I now find, the direct experience of it have done nothing to amend that stance, although the latter has added, “and I don’t think I like it” to the table.  If I may get semi-philosophical for a moment, Twitter appears to be the final denial of calm reflection, an external manifestation of the “monkey mind” the Buddhists try so hard to get sat down in a corner; not just the random thoughts of those I follow, but of those who they follow, all bleating and turning one’s eyes from matters more worthy of cognition cycles.  So far, Roger Ebert’s seem the least like obscure booming from a slightly drunken oracle of all those that I set myself up to follow (the minimum I could manage, too).

I have in past installments declined the title of Luddite.  At the moment, though, I think if I could find a Twitter-specific Jacard I would certainly lower a sabot or two into it.  Honestly, I guess I might march on the edges of Captain Swing’s gang, at that, since I tend to not let technology govern my life (apart from a four-decade love affair with the wrist-watch).  I treat the internet more like a newspaper than anything else; I pick it up for a half-hour each morning, see if there’s any important international developments, look at the funnies, and then have breakfast.  I might pick it up and thumb through it in the course of the day, but apart from a very few other blogs that I find (well) worth daily examination, I’m not to troubled by long gaps in my connectivity.  The important part of “email” for me is the “mail”; since I’m not from a highly enlightened nation, I’m used to checking my mail once a day, and since I’m not hugely communicative responses usually don’t take too long.

Twitter is trying to change my relationship to the internet.  It’s like a very insecure little kid, constantly screeching for attention.  Lookit me!  Guess what!  Watch what I’m doon!  That’s the phase we all hope is very brief in our own children, and I don’t get why we want to install a perpetual one in our lives, or why by extension we want to be that kid.  I don’t think you need or even want to know where I went for groceries.  I said yesterday that the blog wants feeding, but it’s a python in comparison to Twitter’s ravenous shrew.  Little wonder that some resort to announcements to the world about the frequency and consistency of bathroom efforts.  Well, this kid has a very few days to show me a better nature, or I’m pressing a pillow over its face.

I don’t know that I’m a role model in this.  I may be like the chap in the H.G. Wells story who finds that, far from being king, the sighted man is an object of ridicule and remediation in the land of the blind.  But… I at least had the free time to read that story, and ponder its implications.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer 5-30SC
Today’s ink: Pelikan Brilliant Brown


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