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Can We Keep Meeting Like This?

Posted by Dirck on 8 November, 2012

I am concerned that we won’t be able to keep these assignations happening. 

I shall not say, “It’s not you, it’s me,” because that is a false dichotomy.  There’s another, whose involvement is unavoidable, for all that it is unwitting and for all that it is apt to be the source of a downfall.

We may find ourselves cast apart by… the Regular Job’s IT department.  They have views, and while those views are not directly inimical to me battering away on this enterprise they may well present in insurmountable obstacle.  The worst thing about this development is that it’s not even an act by the department, but an omission.  A chosen, conscious omission, an obduracy.  The dogs.

I should explain.  For the past little while, I’ve been getting messages from WordPress when I go into the backstage area here.  These messages have been increasingly urgent versions of “Your Browser is too old and stupid.”  I’d be more than happy to upgrade to something less than four years old, but that’s not in my power.  That’s the IT departments bailiwick, and they decline to do so.

I am frequently mystified by the actions of that department.  While less given to bone rattles and mysterious sulfurous emissions than Accounting, they are extremely occult in their own way.  The notion of the ancient and ugly Internet Explorer was recently brought up by someone else, and the response was that we’re sticking with it because some of the things Regular Job communicates with don’t comprehend anything more developed.

To a certain degree, I approve of this resistance to change for its own sake.  The tendency of software developers to constantly tweak their work and press it upon we users is obnoxious, and the occasional declaration of “No, thanks,” is something they should hear.  That aside, though, I can’t imagine any functioning, vibrant business that manages this act of resistance.  Which then begs the question, what exactly are we communicating with that needs such obsolecence?

Not a question I can answer, and not something I can address, really.  While I am willing to nibble around the edges of rebellion against Regular Job’s authority, I know my place sufficiently well to not even think of installing an alternative, covert browser.  This means that one day, I may come here brimming over with news (coming soon: how much I (probably) like the TWSBI Mini!) only to find a message from WordPress saying, “You go lie down.  You no got smart for internet using.”  There will be a hiatus on that day, although you can expect a note once I get home.

This is a VERY long way of mentioning I don’t want you to panic tomorrow when I have a hiatus tomorrow.  I’ve got a day off.  It’s not an effect of flint-based programming coming apart.  Yet.

Today’s pen: Waterman Carène
Today’s ink: Herbin Lis de Thé

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