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Long Live and Prostate

Posted by Dirck on 5 November, 2012

I hope everyone is recovered from the mad festivities of Fountain Pen Day weekend, and that those in the UK have not gotten the accoutrements of that holiday and Guy Fawkes’ Day stirred together; celluloid will burn in a quite decorative manner, but it shouldn’t.

I’m giving over today’s entry to another calendar-based observation, which is as yet less whimsical than one devoted to either writing instruments or centuries-past incendiary traitors.  November has developed an association with prostate cancer, which malady has some grip on my family, and my brother is turning his powerful artistic skills to a fund-raising scheme that I now plug (not only a cause I believe in, but an opportunity to make my brother do far more work than he had expected, so please, tell all your friends).

The deal is this; go to this site, make a contribution, and depending on the size of it you may demand of him either a t-shirt with this on it:

The three faces of Vulcan

…or for a somewhat larger heap of money, this poster which confronts a very grim disease with pure comedy:

You will need the right space to display this, of course….

I should mention that the site he’s doing this through is similar to Kickstarter, so now that he’s reached his funding threshold, there’s no danger of anticlimax; you will get whatever it is you’ve chosen, and the money that doesn’t go into actual production of the object is guaranteed to go to the appropriate charity

Apart from my brother’s own artistic muse whispering in his ear, I can’t think of a reason why he’s coming at it this way.  Perhaps he’s inspired by the classic Star Trek episode “Day of the Dove“, in which a miserable entity which exists on suffering is vanquished through the power of mirth.  Cancer may not exist on suffering as such, but it does a damn good counterfeit of it.

Today’s logical pen: Pilot Vanishing Point
Today’s internal fluid of a colour to irk Dr. McCoy: Jentle blue-black


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