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“It’s in the trees! It’s coming!”

Posted by Dirck on 26 October, 2012

Rather than bore you all on Monday with what I did over the weekend, I think I shall rather bore you all with what I intend to do.  This being the weekend before Hallowe’en, when the spirits are about (and being consumed in great quantities by college freshmen wearing either Fred Flintstone or Sexy {insert profession here} costumes), and even we firmly stick-in-mud long-married couples have a sense that, damn it, some fun needs to be had.

Of course, being what we are (and not just the preceding description), our notion of fun is not quite what others might follow.  We might, but for a paucity of sitters, be almost like others; some friends are hosting a Time Traveller party which would be right squarely up our alley.  The situation being what it is, sitting quietly about the house and watching creepy films is about the size of it, but what a bounty of creepy films we have on tap!  We have cheated ourselves a bit, having already watched something that is just on the edge of “OK with the kid in the room”, which I hint at in the title (name it in the comments and earn the admiration of others; name the somewhat-old which sampled it and gain extra lauds), but good old Turner Classic Movies is really pushing the boat out on Saturday with a solid eighteen hours of largely Hammer horrors, and what’s not Hammer is just as much fun.  If nothing there suits the moment, we’ve things on disc tame enough the tiny tyrant, but with sufficient subtle terror to see us happy.

During the day, I will probably play at least one of the Dark Adventure Radio Theatre discs I’ve got.  They’re extremely cunning simulations of 1930’s radio dramas, without any winking modern irony, and all of them do at least as good a job at offering the shudders of cosmic horror as the written works they’re adapted from; in one case, certainly, even better.

Sunday night, I am going to suggest an abandonment of electronics (Walking Dead being something we definitely can’t watch with freedom); we have occasionally had reading nights, and it’s about time we had another.  There’s a couple of M.R. James’s stories that shouldn’t panic the son, who will no doubt go and pursue his hobby of staging little wooden train crashes after a couple of minutes in any event.  Stodgy?  Perhaps… but if you read “Count Magnus” with your imaginator engaged, you are apt to be amazed at how graphic it is.

At some point on Sunday, my wife and I will no doubt also have a great roaring debate, as much as ever we do, over the making of popcorn balls to hand out on the night itself in lieu of teeny chocolate bars.  She sees it as a waste, I as both a savings and a nod to a more traditional Hallowe’en.  Should the kids not be slightly afraid of the free candy they got?

Today’s pen: Sheaffer 300
Today’s ink: Organics Studio Manganate V

5 Responses to ““It’s in the trees! It’s coming!””

  1. Will parents in your area even let kids eat homemade popcorn balls? In the States, a lot of neurotic parents would probably throw them away, lest they be poisoned with all kinds of cyanide and botulism. I love good old-fashioned ghost stories like M.R. James. And I love locked room mysteries. Enjoy your weekend!

    Today I’m kicking it old school with the pen:

    Conklin Crescent Filler 2NL with Diamine Midnight

    • There’s a lady across the street who was handing out the traditional treat last year, complete with contact information attached, and it was absolutely delicious and inspirational. My wife’s concern on the topic is exactly the perception you mention (and I’m sure the genesis of the contact information appendage); “People will just throw it out,” she says, and I wish I could counter-argue with any force.

      On locked room mysteries; Stephen King’s foray into Holmes and Watson is a respectable item.

  2. Maja said

    Ok, I Googled the blog title….*but* I did see the film on TCM (last year??), and I do own the album (ok…..cassette). Not sure we are going to bother with Hallowe’en this year; we get about two or three kids, on average, trick-or-treating, and then wind up eating the excess candy. Have fun whatever you’re doing!

    • Having the… age-appropriate media… counts, but Googling gets the Belarus judge upset. Total lauds: 6.893!

      There is a grim decrease in kids. I suspect in our case it’s being on a bit of a back street, as each year I hear plenty of childish shrieking in the area but I don’t think we’ve ever seen above twenty of them at the door. I’d rather it were mere geography than an effect of the parental neuroses mentioned in the previous comment; the mall, church, and community centre “Hallowe’en party” that seemed to be gaining some popularity in the ’90s appears to no longer be a great threat to the tradition, but I may not be paying enough attention.

  3. The day now having passed, I will reveal the mystery of the titles. The film is Night of the Demon (or, Curse of the Demon, if you’ve only ever seen the shorter US release), and the music is Kate Bush’s “Hounds of Love”. A revealed mystery is not always an enlightenment, I’m sorry to say.

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