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Mulled Whine.

Posted by Dirck on 23 October, 2012

I find myself unable to focus on any of the usual topics I digress upon here, as I’m on the horns of a bit of a dilemma.  We’re having an election tomorrow, and I have yet to sort out who I dare to vote for.  It’s a civic election, and given a city of under a quarter-million inhabitants, one might be forgiven for yawning and pulling the covers up until the whole thing is passed, but the frequent reader will know that I take my franchise seriously.

We are constantly told that the local economy is not only firing on all cylinders, but has been replaced with a carefully restored Merlin 130.  Which should mean the livin’ is easy, right?  Well… the tangible benefits are a little hard to point out, and the downside is surging costs of living (still low relative to many places, but wages are not keeping up as they seem to be pegged to the more sedate national numbers), infrastructure that’s not able to hold together under the demands being placed on it (the roads don’t do well anyway, given the sub-soil ’round here), and a failure of policy to keep up with reality (loads of people moving here = school closures).  Given that many of the problems that can be addressed at a municipal level are the result of having a city council made up of an amazing proportion of real estate agents and the attendant although evidently non-actionable conflict of interest which arises from setting local land use policy and handling local land transactions, I’m fairly interested in putting my vote in the right place.

Alas, there are no parties at this level of politics.  This is generally a good thing, in that there’s no party discipline forcing foolish behaviour (vis, the shouts of “If he says up, we say down!” heard from the US capitol these last four years), but come time to cast votes it makes getting a real grip on candidates a chore, since one can’t just say, “Ah, the Baby-Eater party; not for me… hmmm, Nihilist-Lumber party hasn’t really got a sound platform….”  Like party-based politics, the talking points are all very similar, and one loses the handy livery to know how to interpret the noise.

…and then there’s the stadium.  How dare one mention the stadium?  I’ve commented briefly in the past on how mad on sports the local population is, with certain holdouts like your correspondent.  The old-style open-air arena in which The Big Game is held every damn weekend from April through November is getting long in the tooth, and there is a move afoot to spend HYYYOOOOOGE! amounts of public money on a new place to play, with a magic roof and fairy-warmed seats and so forth.  My wife has aptly described this exercise as buying a 90″ TV and all accessories for a house with a dodgy floor and half the shingles blown off.  There are a couple of candidates for mayor who have had the bravery to say similar things… but one of them appears to blame the Assyrian Empire for some of our troubles, and the other (honestly) suggests that some of that money would be better spent on a motorsport track.  We’re probably stuck with it, but I’d like to complain with a clear conscience when the inevitable cost over-runs appear and we’re told we have to give up public transit and street lights.

So, you see why I’m having trouble thinking about pens, handwriting or obscure early 20th century weird fiction today.  Heck, even the release of the TWSBI Mini has gone to a back-burner for the moment.  I need to consider platform statements… again.

Today’s pen (a relatively easy choice): Parker Challenger
Today’s ink (hardly considered for a moment): Herbin Vert Empire

4 Responses to “Mulled Whine.”

  1. What color is your Challenger?

    I won’t even discuss politics right now, since it will just make my blood pressure climb dangerously high. I’d rather talk about sports, chicken eviscerating, or pretty much ANYTHING except that.

    • I should have put that in the link; it’s a grey marbled model. {edit: ah… eventually, the distracted man catches the hint– I was so distracted I neglected my bottom-of-entry links! Fixed, now.}

      I can understand, given the clomping clogs of impending doom, your reticence on THAT subject, but what an utterly nasty alternative you propose; let’s stick with evisceration.

      • Evisceration it is, then. I have a blue Parker Challenger that I’m quite fond of, but I don’t usually use it becasue it’s a less common color Challenger.

      • Blue? That IS unsual, and as a further distraction from the unwelcome topic, I will now hum the hideously catchy and context appropriate song which Eiffel 65 released in 1999. 🙂

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