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Leave Those Kids Alone

Posted by Dirck on 19 October, 2012

My Friday abdication of responsibility is some extra reading.  Before you all start moaning, let me say that it’s not only an entertaining exhibition in the use of one of English’s most-used and most-exported words (so, don’t read it near the young’uns nor the boss), it’s a fine example of the way I think most people should feel when the notion of bullying bobs pass their field of vision, never mind the actual practice.  So, go forth and read.  You’ll be a better person.

Today’s pen: Baoer 388
Today’s ink: Diamine China Blue


3 Responses to “Leave Those Kids Alone”

  1. Why thank you, kind sir! I’m much obliged!

    (Also, today’s pen for me is a Pelikan M205 with Pelikan Black.)

  2. […] I’ve mentioned previously my opposition to bullying.  I’m strongly opposed to it, and I hope I can keep my son from joining the tribal mindset […]

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