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Entertainment Budget

Posted by Dirck on 12 October, 2012

My now-usual Friday failure to put in effort takes the form of an educational video from one of the Netherlands’ leading stylologists.  He examines a question I’ve chewed on a couple of times; can that really expensive pen be worth the cost? The conclusion is a little… evasive, though, so make sure your seatbelt is fastened and snug.

Also, based on a now-repeated experience: if someone asks, “Would you like a boxty?” you are probably going to like the result if you respond positively.

Today’s pen: Mabie, Todd & Co. Blackbird
Today’s ink: Noodler’s Starry Night


3 Responses to “Entertainment Budget”

  1. It’s an interesting question. I have a few pens that were fairly pricey, and I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment from writing with them–not because they’re of better quality than any other pen, they’re all pretty great—but because of their beauty, their heft, they just make me happy to write with. So I suppose value is a very subjective term.

    • It is a question that’s a devil to approach in any but a subjective direction. One can (and I have) say that the objective writing qualities cease to improve at $X, and thereafter it’s all bragging rights, but that’s an arguement that can be punctured. There is, as you’ve shown, the notion the hand-sensation of a given pen unavailable below a certain price is simply not present in any other pen, regardless of price; similarly, my current and previous vehicles are almost identical on a straight, objective assessment, but even before the previous began to strive to shed its wheels it simply wasn’t as comfortable to operate.

      …but I’ll still maintain that anyone spending as much on a pen as one might on a new car is not doing so for the pen-aspects of the thing. I’m also mistrustful of market economics enough to say “it’s worth what anyone is willing to pay for it” is a deeply flawed approach– people have been willing to pay for cell-phones for their Second Life characters!

  2. […] it gets back the the largely unanswerable question of “Is it worth it?” that I mirrored the asking of a couple of weeks back.  When one brushes up against such troubling examples of the […]

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