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Learning to Say Farewell

Posted by Dirck on 9 October, 2012

Another very productive weekend, although part of that production involved a massive sinus infection.  It was not, as they say, all beer and skittles.  There was also a quantity of hard decisions that demanded making, and that can reduce the thankful aspect of the Thanksgiving weekend.  To a certain degree, one is thankful that it’s over.

I metioned last week a series of recent online auction wins, which developed because for reasons perhaps relating to international economic collapse no one put in a bid higher than my various low-ball offers.  Good news  for the increase of the website, since most of these bids were moved by considerations easily expressed as, “Ooh, I’ve not got one of those!”  In fact, if that’s said in the voice of a Monty Python pepperpot lady, it describes my internal voice of the moment perfectly.  Bad news, though, in that they came not in single spies but in great legions.  The whole exercise of not agitating the credit cards which this blog represents is somewhat undone by such freaks of behaviour.

…and there’s the ongoing pressure from the bills connected with the diagnosis and eased passing of Sam the Foundling Cat.  The credit cards are, alas, agitated, and agitated credit cards are inclined towards nipping.  The best response to this I could think of was to convert some of my already existing hoard of pens to liquid assets, and then press the face of my cards into that liquid in hopes of drowning them.

I ended up tapping nineteen pens as surplus, or slightly under-used, or otherwise idle.  That’s… actually, rather a lot of pens, isn’t it?  And yet it’s not a huge dent in the overall heap.  Part of my problem is the obvious semi-addiction that this whole blog underlines.  However, that’s not the whole problem.  There are very few pens in the containment facility which are not at best called “user grade”, and so as I went about the place considering who was to go, it was with a critical eye on my own work.  That nigh-score pens that I pulled out represent pens I’m not too painfully attached to and also are handsome enough to hand along to another.  To me, who scraped off the barnacles and cleared away the spiders, the relative improvement between when I got it and how it stands is such that I’m quite pleased.  To the new buyer, though, who hasn’t that context, the current state might not please.

Might not.  Subjectivity is probably being levered slightly to one side by addiction; as I’ve been typing, images of pens kept have been before my eyes, and they’re not so bad… now that they’re in no immediate danger of transportation.  We’ll see how the credit card drowning goes; another month of nibbling might adjust my viewpoint.

Today’s pen (oh, no, that one’s not old enough to attempt to sell away, yet): Waterman Hémisphère
Today’s ink: Pelikan Violet

P.S.– in pursuit of rapid sales, I’ve put these items up on the Fountain Pen Network’s classified pages rather than my Esty storefront.  Those who are curious and FPN members will find them in four heaps; Sheaffer, Parker, Waterman, and others.  If they languish there, they’ll eventually go to languish on Etsy.

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