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Smallish Numbers

Posted by Dirck on 8 October, 2012

Time has come for the Magic Thanksgiving Turkey to conjure a winner of the under-rated Wing Sung 233!  I’m interested to find that there are but three entrants into this draw, which suggests three things:

  1. The super-secret number-generating mechanism of this little enterprise is DRASTICALLY over-reporting interest;
  2. my readership are extremely satisfied in their current pens;
  3. my readership are concerned to be saddled with a Gremlins-style curse.

Well, to the brave and/or acquisitive souls who left a qualifying response a fortnight past, a collective congratulations for effort.  Alas, there has to be one winner chosen, and according to a web-based  random number maker, that winner is….


As it happens, I have his contact information at hand, so notification and pen will both be moving his way without any more effort required on his part.  I now go to face the long weekend’s second round of tryptophan poisoning at my Wife’s ancestral home.  If the coma is not too deep, I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Triumph (gotta make a good impression on the in-laws!)

Today’s ink: Pelikan blue-black

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