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Are You Reading Me?

Posted by Dirck on 3 October, 2012

A strange disruption of the week brings my usual Friday inattention to the very middle of the week.  Since I wasn’t expecting this either, I have nothing other to offer than someone else’s commentary on Banned Book Week, which we are apparently in the middle of, and a resource page regarding the same.

I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind somewhat less Twilight and Hunger Games at loose in the world, my beef lies less in the content than the hype.  And, alas, any inclination to ban Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t stem from the quality of the writing (and yes, a similar accusation might be leveled at this compendium of foolishness, but I don’t have an editor and no one is paying for the priviledge of reading it).

Bantering aside, though… banning books?  Bad medicine, societally speaking.

Today’s pen, writing inflammatory doggerel: Sheaffer Javelin
Today’s ink, spilled in no cause current authorities might admire: Skrip blue-black.

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