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Inspired by a Film

Posted by Dirck on 14 September, 2012

I’ve recently seen the following trailer, and look forward to setting aside the needed time to look at the film it promotes, which appears to put the act of writing a letter upon a pedestal for mild worship.  And justly so.

I haven’t gotten a firm grip on all the pens involved in it either, but it looks like a breakout role for Waterman Phileas, which has to date been mainly seen in supporting roles; opposite Peter Coyote in Law & Order: Criminal Intent and a quite meaty cameo in the most recent King Kong as Adrien Brodie’s travelling companion.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Sovereign
Today’s ink:  Herbin Violette Pensée


3 Responses to “Inspired by a Film”

  1. Maja said

    Hmmmm….According to IMDb.com, it was a TV-movie. No wonder I hadn’t heard of it 🙂
    Nice to see the Phileas in a starring role, as you say. I always thought it looked like a much more expensive pen that it really was….

    • I agree on the looks of the Phileas. It’s the same sort of effect as leads people into thinking William Powell is handsome. I won’t deny that he is, but it looked at objectively (goggle eyes, odd avian neck, slightly weak chin) that impression is hard to defend. In discussing the matter with my wife, we’ve hit upon it being a specific blend of dignity and confidence that raises those odd features to a different plateau… but I’m not quite sure if a pen can conduct itself with dignified confidence.

      • Maja said

        I never thought William Powell was handsome—charming, yes, but not handsome. He & Myra Loy did make a fantastic duo in the “Thin Man” films.

        As for the Phileas, I think that so-called metallic “cigar band” at the end of its barrel is what lends such an otherwise ordinary pen some pizzazz 🙂

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