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Posted by Dirck on 7 September, 2012

A little while ago I cried out about the exiling of the local film industry (not in name, but in effect), and I’m still angry about it for all the reasons laid out down that link, but I have found what is for me a small glimmer of good in the monument to party-driven political stupidity the whole affair represents.  Without a local film industry, I am less likely to find myself seduced into providing an authentic prop for a movie, and later deeply regretting it.  What brings this on is the reading portion of this installment of “I don’t feel like a full entry on Friday”; a link to a vintage clothing fancier’s crying out about the way in which films tend to consume that which they document (warning: There’s a picture of a terrible thing done to a fedora).  I do find myself sometimes wondering what became of the nice little pen Hugh Jackman (or his writing stand-in) used in The Prestige, and I don’t wonder at all that Adrien Brody was using an entirely modern pen during the making of King Kong.

The film for today is a very clever fellow showing off the vast improvement he’s committed on a Hero 616:

And finally, for the sake of information: I’m told by an Amex Person that it takes them three days to clap eyes on any fax they might recieve.  Due, says he, to the VAST numbers of faxes, and not at all to the little extra advantage in interest the company takes from not rushing to relinquish that money it clutches.

Today’s pen: Parker 50 Falcon
Today’s ink: Diamine Amazing Amethyst


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