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Posted by Dirck on 31 August, 2012

A couple of what we might call short films today– these are Sheaffer’s big Christmas advertising campaign for the PFM. I find them interesting for several reasons. These days, an ad this long is very nearly an infomercial, and the only one I can think of that’s a comparable length is flogging acne cream; one gets a notion of the changing sense in ad men of where money is to be found (aspiring and slightly gender-insecure middle age guys then, extremely vain young people now). Also, given how much money this pair of ads and the associated print campaign must have cost Sheaffer, the relatively low sales volume of the PFM must have seen some very nervous Don Drapers banging down the martinis at Sheaffer’s agency. Finally, and this is more of a personal observation, I cannot say how happy I am that the prospect of an annual Jimmy Durante variety show is absent from my life, even at the cost of there being no fountain pen ads on the television.

Today’s possibly less macho pen: Waterman Executive
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Éclat de Saphir

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