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Blood Pressure

Posted by Dirck on 26 July, 2012

The source of my father-in-law’s kidney ailment is an untreated hypertensive condition.  A fate I’d like to avoid, to be sure, and so it is with vast dismay that I pass though mere existence today.  We’ve all had them; all efforts go astray, all inanimate objects turn kamikaze, all conversation is perplexing at best and enraging as a general rule.  I’m extremely glad it’s not a pen-fixin’ day, and that today’s pen is both robust and not very dear.  It’s a balance, I suppose, to yesterday’s advancement in the writing I mentioned as the cause for a stub entry, but that doesn’t relieve the clenched-heart sensation of a repeatedly-renewed and maladaptive fight-or-flight response.

Running will likely just see me under a bus.  There’s nothing appropriate to grapple, and inappropriate grappling leads to cops and yet more stress.

Rather than expand on this complaint, I think I’ll find some part of the internet that plays quiet classical music for free and hide under my desk.  It probably won’t collapse on me.

Today’s anxious pen: Lamy Safari
Today’s rather jittery ink: Herbin Perle Noire

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