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Look! Over There!

Posted by Dirck on 23 July, 2012

I was feeling a little unproductive when this lunch hour descended; the weekend was full of worries about my wife’s father (who, if you’ve got plenty to spare, can apparently do with a new kidney), the foundling cat’s relapse into mysterious snot production (abscess or tumor to be decided next week), and whether I would succumb to the unknown airborne allergen or an overdose of antihistamine. The last item is at least off the table today, but since I didn’t have anything profound in my waiting room, I decided to fill the time making a new permanent page. Look upwards, and you’ll see “Those Who Stand and Wait“, where I mention the pens I don’t mention every day. It’s not much, but it kept me off the streets for a half-hour.

Today’s pen: Parker Challenger
Today’s ink: Noodler’s Tulipe Noire

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