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Curing the Red Admiral

Posted by Dirck on 3 July, 2012

More of my vacation activities, and once again the story is somewhat at my own expense.  But we’ll get to that presently.

Well… no, there it this lesser failing which I’ll start off with; I am almost incapable of remembering to take a “before” picture when it would best serve.  The pen in question is the one I used yesterday, a Sheaffer Admiral, and my efforts on it were largely motivated by the thought that I certainly couldn’t do any more damage to it.  However, because of this sad lapse in my make-up, you will have to accept that this pen…

Please note the slight want of shine on that cap band. Point and laugh, in fact. I deserve it for not showing what it was when I started.

…was a week ago a hideously deformed specimen with a terrible case of what appeared to be psoriasis on its band.  This is not bragging; if I had taken that pre-procedure picture, then I might be tooting my own horn, but as it is it can be no more than an urging to not despair of a pen with cosmetic issues.

The inside of the pen was somewhat less terrible than the out, although it was pretty well down the path of corruption peculiar to the metal-laden innards of the Snorkel breed.  A good deal of de-scaling was called for, and pretty much everything I mention in my Snorkel-fixing tutorial needed to be done.  When all was done and back together, I gave it a water-test to check that all the seals were fine, then loaded it with ink.

…and it didn’t work particularly well.  This is a dreadful discovery in a Snorkel, since one of the central points of the pen’s claim to complexity is the somewhat obscure path by which the ink gets from inside to point.  I had not forgotten to give the important initial dunk to the point which wets the exterior feed.  The little slit in the upper surface of the snorkel itself was in the correct alignment, putting it handy to a similar slit inside the exterior feed.  Touching a tissue to the end of the snorkel drew out ink.  It took… rather more pondering than I’m happy to admit to work out the problem, and I will share it so you can avoid doing the same thing.

Summer slackness is the problem once again.  I left out a step I normally do out of hand, because I didn’t want to creep out of the cool of the basement and was thus willing to allow myself to forget it.  I didn’t clean out the inside of the snorkel!  Ink could get out through the air channel, but the ink channel was, I reasoned, clogged.  Happily, I was able to suspend the snorkel/reservoir unit in my ultrasonic cleaner without getting any of the cleaning fluid into the sac protector, and after a few cycles there was some interesting yellowish stuff coming out of the ink channels of the slit.  Once that was cleared out, a re-inking proved that the clog was gone.

Just like yesterday, we find a lazy fellow making extra work for himself.  Were I under this Admiral’s control rather than vice versa, I would no doubt be flogged around the fleet for gross dereliction.  As things are, though, my reward for eventually working out where I’d gone astray was not a raw back but a happy heart, as I’ve got (another!) rather nice pen to enjoy.

Today’s pen: Fuliwen 2024
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Violette Pensée


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