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A Sticking Place

Posted by Dirck on 13 June, 2012

Usually, when I have a title like this, I’m being clever, and one might expect a little tirade about the evils of chewing gum, or… well, something much like yesterday’s whine about incorrect adhesives.  Today, though, I’m actually thinking of Lady Macbeth’s pep-talk, as ill-advised in the long-term as it was.  I may not have found the sticking place, I am definitely making use of a sticking place as a convenient courage-hanger.  The rest of this entry is mainly commercial announcement, though, so if you’re here for entertainment, I may have shot my bolt.

Here’s the point of the matter; I have publicly admitted that I can offer some basic pen-point reconstructive surgery.  Not the radical reshaping that might eventually earn one the appellation “nibmiester” (and which I do have as a distant goal) but the simpler putting right of gross deformity.  Well… not too gross.

Why now?  Well, apart from having just about turned blue from not speaking up on a forum when someone was seeking a wetness reduction in their pen from a Canadian source, I’ve finally done enough of the work covertly with good results, both on my own pens and those of others.  The real tipping point, I suppose, was an Osmia 64 (which will be profiled soon) repaired for someone who lives locally enough to have picked it up in person.  While wrestling with the “51”s which occupied the first couple of entries this week (both of which needed a little work in this department), I was also banging the Osmia’s rather flexible steel point back into alignment and scraping down the sharp edges of the flat “foot” the point had gotten through decades of being held at a consistent angle.  I was able to get direct feedback on my effforts, and it was positive enough to overcome my own apprehensions about my abilities.

The arrival of the pile of Proper Tools For Job hasn’t hurt, either.

Enough practicing, then; I enter into active practice as a barber-surgeon of nibs.  It’s now something I can get stuck into, and probably won’t get stuck on.

Today’s pen: Cross Century II
Today’s ink: Mont Blanc Royal Blue

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