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Spreading it Around

Posted by Dirck on 25 May, 2012

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m feeling pretty good about life.  I have today managed to pass that on a little.  Not very long ago, my brother was expressing some concern at his son’s first-instar hand-writing, and I said I’d look into some supports.  At the lunch just passed, I handed over a small bundle of Griffix System tools in a bag indicating their value in British Pounds.  He’s pleased, I’m pleased (and moreso because he’s going halfsies on the price), and hopefully his son will be pleased.  Life is not a zero-sum game, as some would have it.

It should be no surprise, of course, that joy would be brought by a small package of foreign contraband:

Today’s pen (possibly appearing in Sons of Anarchy): Waterman Horizon
Today’s inktoxicant: Diamine Black

A couple of post-script items for the possible delight of others:

  1. The Cathedral Village Arts Festival wrap-up street fair is tomorrow.  It may be sunny (!!) and it’s generally crammed with neat stuff to make even a quantity of rain supportable;
  2. An interesting new appearance in a city that seems to have a certain political disinclination to culture— there’s a guitar-maker just put out an almost-literal shingle.  Not right handy to the street fair, but hopefully a rather more permanent fixture.

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