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Mostly Dead

Posted by Dirck on 22 May, 2012

…which is, if Miracle Max is to be believed, partly alive.  Yesterday being the unstoppable celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, I eschewed the notion of engaging in some steampunk shenanigans and went for the most authentically Victorian activity I can think of:  The traditional Eating of Something Imperfectly Preserved, and the subsequent Powerful Prolonged Emesis (with Angry Liver Sensations).  As I couldn’t face the prospect of the drive to work, I stay home.  Three and a half hours after my usual entry, I’m feeling sufficiently perky to poke a keyboard.

…but only just.

Today’s pen, standing by: Waterman Préface (page under construction, all you’ll see is a picture)
Today’s ink, shaking its head and clucking: Diamine Royal Blue


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