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Posted by Dirck on 18 May, 2012

As it’s Friday, I’m in a brevity mode… again.  Yesterday’s similar action was prompted, as mentioned previously, by a trip to get my glasses fixed, and fixed they are.  The place I took them too, which is where I got them, took about a half-hour (during which I patted about the displays for less child-reactive models, with titanium frames and bullet-proof lenses), and charged me exactly nothing, even though the first thing that was said after bringing up my file was, “Ah… those are out of warranty.”  This was not the first time we’d gotten this sort of open-handed treatment, as my wife has twice gone in to have things replaced or amended on a pair bought elsewhere, and been frustrated in the attempt to pay anything at all for the service.

So, I’m doing exactly what this sort of action is calculated to cause; I’m offering an unpaid endorsement.  One might view it as a cold mechanism of capitalism, but I prefer to see it was an understanding of what a local business should be; a place where the customer is not commodified, and to whom good treatment is offered as much for the fact that they’re appreciated as a fellow person as for the possibility that they’ll spread the word that it’s a store worth looking into.

So, my fellow south Saskatchewan people, if you need a pair of glasses, you might well consider Eyes on Albert.  I don’t guarantee you’ll find glasses to suit, but you’ll likely not put out by the attempt.

Today’s well-defined pen: TWSBI Vac 700
Today’s sharp-edged ink: Diamine Syrah


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