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A Rate of Knots

Posted by Dirck on 11 May, 2012

Yet again, I am presented with a coincidence that makes me wonder how people with an entirely rational and mechanistic view of the universe can cling to their notions.  I was contemplating a bit of a sartorial rant on the infelicities of the round nylon shoelace (and the superiority of flat laces), when a Facebook acquaintance offered the following item; an exactly on-point explanation of how to tie one’s shoes to defeat the contrary round lace.

There. I am instructed, I have a Friday Slack Video, I get done out of a foolish rant, and my slightly mystical nature takes some nourishment through unlikely conjunction of intent and event. I’m also glad to show that not all TED lectures are airy academic things with little to offer the everyday joe.  I’ll mention then, only in passing, that there is still an advantage in the flat lace, as it holds better in the effectively round holes of a knot.  But perhaps that is just an airy, academic matter now.

Today’s pen: Parker Duofold
Today’s ink: Wancher Matcha

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