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Hat Snatch Fever!

Posted by Dirck on 4 April, 2012

I’m going to work on that project I mentioned yesterday, and more diligently, but I thought I should look in to mention the weather.

It’s windy.

It’s VERY windy.

It’s so windy, my hat came off.  While it is frequently VERY windy here, the combination of fit and friction (I keep my hair in a short, bristly state) usually keeps the hat firmly attached, but today’s swirling gusts defeated both these passive measures and my reflexes.  Despite a moment’s warning as the weight of the fedora lifted from my scalp, I was too slow to arrest the departure.

Happily, the wind took it away from traffic, and it came to rest only a few paces away and on some relatively clean grass.  I was faced with a bit of a dilemma; carry the hat (and look silly), tuck the hat into the bosom of my cardigan (and look silly), or try wearing it in spite of the wind (and look very silly chasing it).

I opted for the third course, as I will generally go for uncertain acute foolishness rather than certain protracted foolishness.  I was rewarded by my hat, which remained in place, even as a great gust scooped a handful of road grit into my windward shoe.  The trick, which I share for the sake of my fellow hat wearers, is to consciously adopt rakish angles so that the brim produces down force.

…and keep one hand free for galvanic grasping gestures.

Today’s windblown pen: Parker Arrow
Today’s spuming ink: Quink Washable Blue (vintage)

2 Responses to “Hat Snatch Fever!”

  1. Tim Collins said

    Why you need a wind trolley!

    • Hmmm. I was about to agree whole-heartedly, having mistaken it for some kind of wheeled conveyance; what mad fun that might be! However, having actually looked up the concept… useful, but a string leading from hat to collar smacks slightly of the linked mittens of small children. I won’t rule it out, though.

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