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Return of the Creature

Posted by Dirck on 28 March, 2012

I mentioned a little while ago “the clever and/or deeply idiotic re-laying of the family’s finances“, and how I was anxious to replace both our Windstar (currently a Windredgiant, shedding vapourous wisps of its own substance, on the verge of becoming a Windwhitedwarf) and our couch.  The couch’s departure makes me rather sad, as it was a fixture of my childhood, lying in my maternal grandparents house since rather before my birth.  I look somewhat askance at my brother, who on the emptying of that house of fond memories had sufficient space to accept the couch in his House of Science, an Edwardian rental he shared with several other young men and site of many furniture-crushing parties.  That it survived in our house the seven years it did is as much of a testament to our desperate poverty as to the sturdy construction of quality furniture of the 1950s.  My son and the swarm of cats he terrorizes administed a sad, slow coup de grâce, and the gradual presentation of the business end of the springs can be thought of as a self-defensive act.

Yesterday, its long-awaited relief arrived.  In anticipation of its trip to the dump, I put on some industrial grade rubber gloves and rummaged in the internal spaces of the couch to make sure that it wasn’t taking anything important with it, like bits of Lego or coins of 25¢ or greater.  I found several of both, and in the final pass, looking in amongst the springs themselves, I found… a pen my wife lost.

I call it a creature, as it is the current version of the Sheaffer Viewpoint, is thus not a great pen, and is now bearing some slightly hideous scars.  You can see it in this old posting, in which I castigate it somewhat.  It vanished about nine months ago, and had apparently been sat upon since.  I may have to moderate my statements about it, since it is still functional, and for a wonder still had some moisture about the point after this long exile; that is something of a testament to the powers of the cap/section interface in the Viewpoints, something about which I certainly had my doubts.

I will, it seems, be able to update the Viewpoint page without having to buy another of those things.  I just hope that it doesn’t go on the common creaturesque rampage before I have a chance to get the photos.

Today’s pen, non-elusive: Parker “51″
Today’s ink, the same colour as the departed couch: Diamine Syrah

2 Responses to “Return of the Creature”

  1. […] background of this little drama is the big rearrangement of  the household finances back in the spring.  At that time, my bank sent on my behalf a sufficiency of money to abolish the American Express […]

  2. […] there was this distraction: a couch we bought in 2012 (mentioned in passing here), intended to be more or less disposable in the face of the now-passed incontinent cat Cleo and the […]

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