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Polar Blues (oh, what a giveaway)

Posted by Dirck on 21 March, 2012

The weather continues unseasonable warm, snow has fled even the shaded parts of the yard, and a robin has been sighted.  And yet… I have the polar blues.

Polar Blue blues, to be precise.  I loaded a pen with the stuff for purposes of signing important documents last week end.  That pen, a Parker “51”, is usually a good, reliable item, and yet it was dry and hard to start from one signature to the next.  We add to this the fact that I’m not really a great fan of the colour, and the total is; I’ve got about 87ml of ink I don’t ever see using.  I’m not one of these polarized love it or hate it folks on the topic of Noodler’s ink, but in this specific instance… ick.

In an effort to dispel my blues, I think I will disperse the Blue.  I’m giving the stuff away, and I’ll cover the postage, too.  Having just declared my reasons for not liking it, this may seem a gift somewhere between a monkey’s paw and a bag of bolts with non-standard threads.  However, like blancmange or sushi, some people find repellent that which others view as a treat, and I’m assuming that the continued sales of this formulation mean that there is a demand for it and that I’m just off to one side of the applicable bell curve.  If you’re on the other side of the curve, or you’re completely unfamiliar with the stuff and want a chance to try it out, opportunity knocks!

There shall be no skill-testing question.  You need only leave a comment on this post indicating desire, and you will be in the pool of potential recipients; that pool will be randomly drawn from, assuming there’s more than one person in it, and thence will it go.  In fairness to those who don’t make a daily habit of looking in at this thing (an assumption I make based on irregularities in its stats), I will leave selections open until 31 March.  That makes ten days for people do decide they want in, and my posting schedule means that the announcement will not be on April Fools’ Day, but the following day; I’d hate for people to think I was joking about wanting to pass this stuff along.

Today’s pen, warm to the touch: Mabie, Todd & Co. Blackbird

Today’s ink, flowing well: Herbin’s Pousièrre de Lune

7 Responses to “Polar Blues (oh, what a giveaway)”

  1. blackangus said

    I love the stuff…if you’re giving it away, I’ll take it. 🙂

  2. Andrew Vaisius said

    I am not familiar with Polar Blue. Is it not “permanent?”

    Nonetheless, the consumption of ink around my house has risen dramatically lately, so count me in on the up for grabs.

    Tra la.

  3. wolfy said

    I would like to try this polar blue ink…love your blog. Thanks!

  4. Lani said

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring – I’ve never tried any of that particular line of Noodler’s Inks.

  5. mistyfuji said

    I love pens, pencils, stationary…I never get tired of looking at my stash and choosing the right pen for the right time of day. I hope I get lucky…thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  6. […] You know, I very nearly forgot what I had planned for today.  If not for the fact that today’s ink was cheek-to-cheek with the notorious Noodler’s Polar Blue, I might have forgotten the contest I spoke back on the 21th. […]

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