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Mouse Whole

Posted by Dirck on 13 February, 2012

The trip to Disney World was a very entire vacation for me.  No computer, limited pens, and all-embracing, sinew-releasing humid heat replacing the diverse chills that the Canadian winter has to offer… and yet, the head upon the traveling shoulders remained my own, and thus old habits of thought were also a companion on the trip, with my wife and son.

Let us start with the limited pens.  I took both my TWSBIs, the 530 mounting a fine point and filled with Herbin Perle Noire to deal with anything in the line of bureaucratic paperwork that might appear (crossing international borders breeds the stuff, of course) and the 540 with Pelikan Royal Blue and a broad point for variation.  This apparently pedestrian pair of pens was chosen after a great deal of consideration.  Not only are they fairly easy to replace if confiscated by the guardians of our collective safety, but they’re reputed to be quite indifferent to the pressure changes of air travel.  I’m happy to report that worries on the first head were entirely unfounded, and that the reputation on the second head was entirely justified.  I did not tempt fate, or course, and left the cap on until cruising altitude, but there was not even a hint of dribbing offered.

As far as passing through security goes, I can only say: let your pens be x-rayed.  I had absolutely no questions asked whatever, while my wife had her hands swabbed for explosive residue because the screener hadn’t seen her as connected with our son and found a woman carrying a toy Monorail somewhat suspicious.  I’ll take a moment here to note that, while perhaps less inquisitive than their US counterparts, the Canada Customs agents at the airport who greeted us on our return were much more heavily equipped; not only pistols, but tasers, kevlar plastrons, and even knobby tactical pens.  Are people entering Canada more given to running amok?

There are, you will not be surprised to find, no fountain pens to be had in Walt’s greater kingdom.  I was also not surprised, but lack of surprise does not combine with lack of disappointment; I had not expected, but I had hoped.  Alas.  There are, however, pen cases to delight the heart of some.  My wife got one of these things:

…but with imagery connected to Marie from The Aristocats.  It is rather better for her swarm of Sheaffer No Nonsenseseses than that which she took them down in (they also didn’t dribble while aloft), as there is space for about three dozen pens and pencils in there, with elastic loops to keep them in place, along with a triangle and protractor.  She declared it a gift to the 12-year old version of her who was denied a trip there.

Fountain pens are recognized there, happily.  At the desk where we collected items sent on from gift shops to our resort, the woman helping us was stunned and astonished at the sight of a functional fountain pen in this modern age.  In EPCOT, I was required to sign for a cup of lemon slush (if it’s so warm there in February, how can they support July?) and the chap across the counter said, “Nice pluma.”  I should mention that Disney World is not only multi-ethnic, but quite overtly multi-national, everyone bearing their place of origin on their nametag; I believe I remember this fellow as Peruvian.

I find that I do recommend the trip, despite lingering notions of subtle brainwashing.  Staying on-site, getting all food and transport as part of the price of accomodation, not having to carry purchases about… it does make for a very relaxing experience.  And missing a couple of weeks of even a mild Canadian winter is always a welcome event.

Tomorrow, I’ll get back to bile and complaints.  Trust me.

Today’s pen, still mellow: Parker 65
Today’s slightly wacky ink: Pelikan violet

5 Responses to “Mouse Whole”

  1. For those who find this sort of thing significant; pure chance finds this as my 666th post here. I’m not inclined to attach any real meaning to it, but the juxtaposition of theme and number fill me with laughter of the Vincent Price sort.

  2. Jim MacKenzie said

    I’ve entered the US with fountain pens several times (at least six times, at least three of which were by air) and no one has said a word about my pens. I keep my pens in my laptop bag, which I allow to be X-rayed (I take out the laptop and iPad as I often get complaints about those). I’ve even taken ink with me (but be sure it’s in a small <100 mL bottle, which is rarely an issue, and that it's in a ziploc bag in a tray at the security checkpoint). No problems there either.

    Off to Orlando on Saturday… it's quite the place. When we were there in December 2003 it was very quiet. I am not expecting that to be the case next week. Plus, we are seven, not two, which will be interesting in its own right.

    • We found three to be just short of logistical complexity. I wish you good luck with such a vast crowd as that.

      On quietness; we’d been told we were going down just at the end of the off season, and it was still somewhat mad…

  3. […] hair-chested new attraction at Disney World, which I am unsurprised not to have seen there last year, despite our preferential hanging about in Tomorrowland; what exactly was Michael Eisner […]

  4. […] Job (I complain, but I know I could be in a much worse place).  The same sort of thing ran to a trip to Disney World the last time I got one, but politics and inflation took that destination off the menu.  What we […]

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