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Posted by Dirck on 26 January, 2012

Being tired out after the preceding long squawk (rather like a Norwegian Blue parrot), I have little to contribute today.  I will merely mention that I spent a few minutes this morning catching up on pen cleaning, and I go from an embarrassing pile of pens filled with ink (due to loaners filled for the letter writing extravaganza last week) to possibly the fewest I’ve had in a year.  I even cleaned out the TWSBIs that have become something of my household standby pen.  From this latter action a learn three things…

…about me:  I may have the pens in current use ready to go, but not having the reserve pen lurking about makes me nervous for no accountable reason.

…about an ink:  Having at last run through the Herbin 1670 that I filled the Diamond 530 with in the fall (a donation from a friend who’d bought a bottle), I can confirm that it is as hard to clean out of a pen as everyone’s been saying.  Two liters of water rendered bright red, and another two made a remarkably bright pink, and then I had to run the section in the ultrasonic tub.  That’s a persistent ink.

…about a pen:  Two things, actually.  A TWSBI’s seals are sound enough to keep ink in good shape for months (see previous), and the plastic is gratifyingly resistant to staining.  It may have taken a lot of water, but I am left with a clear pen rather than a slightly pink one.  Hooray!

Today’s pen: Sheaffer 8C
Today’s ink: Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black


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