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Allow Me to Concentrate

Posted by Dirck on 19 January, 2012

In my first entry for the year, I mention that Pelikan Royal Blue has become my new desk-pen default.  I also mention that I was considering a slow adulteration of the ink with black, to reduce a perceived want of presence, but that I was going to wait in this plan.  If you look into the Pelikan page of my ink profiles,  you will find this:

…which I think illustrates the reason I might consider tipping in a little extra colour.  Not a terrible colour, but hardly a moving one.

However, the way my desk pen is employed and its past history caused me to give a stay of pollution.  I mention in previous discussions of the desk pen that it gets rather infrequent cleanings, but I don’t reveal its regular mode of use.  For at least an hour each work day (rising to as much as three), the pen is braced across the top joint of thumb and middle finger, in a position where it can be brought into play in a moment.  In a cycle which takes from a half- to a full minute, I poke my computer, examine the results, and make a little notation, usually of about ten characters.  This leaves the pen waving about in the air for most of the cycle, of course, and sees the ink begin to dry in the feed just a little.  With the previous ink, the result was an extremely dark presentation.

I was thus somewhat hopeful that the development of the new ink would be something like this:

Isn’t that interesting?  Same ink, same paper (not just generically, but the very same sheet), but a slightly wetter pen in which the ink had had time to make itself at home.   The scanner is actually quite unflattering, as in its current state, it’s not merely darker, but more vivid, approaching the retina-punching power of Noodler’s nigh-legendary Bay State Blue.  I will not be adding any black to this.

The lesson to take, if lesson one must have, is that patience is a virtue, and one whose rewards are occasionally extrinsic.

Today’s pen: Waterman Carène
Today’s ink: Herbin Bleu Myosotis

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