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Write Club

Posted by Dirck on 18 January, 2012

I haven’t looked, but I wager that’s a deeply unoriginal and thoroughly-used title.

I did indeed get to the Letter Writing event mentioned on Monday, in the face of the first serious patch of winter we’ve had since the season can be said to have begun, last November.  “With wind chill dropping below -45C, you are advised to stay home,” said the radio, but as I’m reasonably sure that was aimed at people contemplating highway travel, I overlooked the warning.  Seven other hardy souls did as well, although I suspect less menacing weather would have seen a greater turn-out

The first rule of Write Club is, it appears, to appear.  There were pens on scene (well.. ballpoints), some diverse and pleasant stationery donated by a local merchant, and an assortment of teas and sweet biscuits.  There was also a CD player offering what I might call swing-era easy-listening music, which is infinitely more tolerable than the modern version.

The second rule of Write Club is: don’t over-dress.  The building was put up in 1932, and while the power of that era to insulate may have been questionable, any cold drafts fled in terror from the vast array of steam-fed radiators which, it being a basement room, hung in a slightly Damoclesian style from the ceiling.  I very nearly undid my waistcoat buttons.

I don’t really have the power to convey the odd atmosphere of the event.  Eight people come together to, essentially, ignore each other in favour of distant acquaintances, without any help from modern electronics.  Not unlike church in some ways, although the attendees were in communion with a merely ideal conversation partner rather than an impressive spiritual force.  At least, that’s what I assume– someone may have been writing a letter of complaint to Ithaqua regarding the turn in the weather.

There was a very little conversation at the start of the evening, during which I mentioned I had brought a superfluity of fountain pens, if anyone were inclined; I don’t imagine this comes as a surprise to my regular readers.  Of the combined group, there was but one taker; the only other male in the room, who was a great deal younger than I.  He was deeply impressed with the function of the pen he borrowed (and he held it properly!), and I put him onto an online source of the same.  This and the three letters I got written allow me to mark the affair as entirely worth the long struggle into protective clothing at either end of the trip.

The last rule of Write Club:  there is no Write Club… next week.  A month’s wait, then, to see if improved weather brings a more thronging turnout.  Perhaps some madcap will bring an unpowered typewriter!

Today’s pen: Waterman 52
Today’s ink: Lamy blue-black

Afterword– I’m not participating beyond yesterday’s notice, but I find a lot of my regular online haunts are engaged in this anti-SOPA/PIPA strike.  Jolly good.

2 Responses to “Write Club”

  1. I would like to come to write club. I dare say it sounds like my kind of club..maybe i need to start one here… Oh the thoughts. Glad you had a productive meet and one new fountain pen fan is a good thing!

    • It can’t hurt to try to establish one; having a willing public library seems to have been the main factor in seeing it get started here, along with someone who was willing to suggest it.

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