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Changes in the Coming Year

Posted by Dirck on 30 December, 2011

Well, last entry of the year… shall I join the herd at last and make a public resolution.  Perhaps just one little one:  I hereby resolve not to make an entry here on the first Monday of 2012.  Since I have the day off from The Regular Job, this is going to be a breeze.

There is a more serious change under contemplation, which I need to get sorted out before Tuesday.  Those who have been following my antics here for from very nearly the beginning will recall my big snit about Quink blue-black’s reformulation, and the eventual discovery of a more or less viable remedy for the problem.  The remedied bottle has been my desk-pen since the doctoring; let’s say since February 2010.  There is now about a single filling’s worth left.  I am faced with crisis and opportunity; I may choose a new colour to be my official work ink, and I am faced with the chore of choosing a new colour to be my official work ink.

As I so often do, I an over-dramatizing the trivial.  I could not settle on a colour, but change as the pen runs out.  However, the desk-pen rut is useful, because not only does it ensure a full pen always at hand, but it frees me from any but the more liberal of flushing protocols.  The latter point is a major consideration given that my current desk pen and its alternate (to a lesser degree) are rather a lot of trouble to clean out sufficiently for a new ink.  They were made in the era of ink loyalty, after all.  I don’t fancy having to give them much more regular cleanings.

The question, then, is not really one of “will I?” but rather “what will I?”  A blue, ideally relatively dark and not seriously saturated.  I could be extremely boring and just amend the remaining bottle of Quink I’ve got, but I think it is time for a change after almost two years of the same thing, and I’m giving the pen its seasonal cleaning anyway.

We’ll see what the new year brings.  Drive safely, everyone, and I’ll see you again when the big Gregorian odometer has clicked over.

Today’s pen: Parker Frontier Flighter
Today’s ink: Quink black (which is still, in defiance of many people’s expectations, flowing magnificently)

7 Responses to “Changes in the Coming Year”

  1. What about…perhaps Private Reserve Blue black? I got a sample recently from Goulet and it is more blue than black. Although for me no Purple Ebony what I write all my fiction letters in 😉


    • I think I’d probably dodge Private Reserve on grounds of saturation. Given the cleaning “schedule” the desk pens suffer, an low saturation fluid seems wise.

      …and since the subject comes up, my own fictional stuff varies between Herbin Perle Noire and Lamy blue-black, as both are “olden-timey”, more or less. Less festive than your choice, but I occasionally hope to fool a casual observer and in keeping with the character’s tendency to mope.

  2. Well since you bring up fooling the casual observer, a friend of mine was visiting she is a historian and proceeded to marvel at your hand writing for a good 20 minutes. My hand writing is jealous 🙂 but a good compliment to you hats off!

    I have used the J Herbin brown collection and ponder the Perle Noire as well but oh I love my Purple Ebony.

    • I revel, I exalt, I gloat! But in seriousness, I am glad to hear that that slow, desperate scraping is paying off.

      I took a gamble on the Herbin black as it’s got a sterling reputation; a deserved one, I find. It’s not waterPROOF, but it resists well and should remain visible through the ages.

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