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Snow on the Roof

Posted by Dirck on 22 December, 2011

There is not, in fact, much in that way around here, either figuratively or literally.  It’s been a strangely warm December, and I continue to ride the wave of a few dignified strands of silver.  However, I am considering today the blessings of being older.

My wife and I have a friend who is about ten years younger than we.  She has spent rather a lot of time lamenting that she has gotten to this point in her life without hitting several of the waypoints she’d laid down on her chart back in her teen years.  As her friends, we gently urge her to accept the notion that the teen version of her was really not equipped for that sort of navigational decision-making.  Looking back at the heaps of crap we’ve endured since we were her age, we try to reassure her that getting older is not such a big deal, or at least won’t be until the creeping symptoms of senescence begin to really manifest themselves.  There are, in fact, some benefits to balance out the slow loss of physical powers that comes along with not dying at an early age.

Age equals experience, experience (should) equal wisdom, or some reasonable facsimile.  The fact of having survived the seemingly insupportable trials of life gives one a certain stability when the next one appears.  The underlying, if sometimes horrifying, truth of “where there’s life, there’s hope” gets incrementally more clear over time.  The insult that might have once have led to a fight is now material for a self-deprecating joke.

The reason I’m thinking about this today is this:  apparently moved by my antique mode of dress and the assertively grey portions of my beard, the girl who rang through my lunchtime purchase (I use “girl” advisedly; so young she was as to be somewhat translucent) gave me a seniors’ discount.  “How,” I wondered as I examined the receipt to discover how I had so radically mis-estimated what the cost would be, “would our dear friend respond to this?”  I suspect she’d explode.

Today’s pen: Pilot 78G
Today’s ink: Diamine Evergreen

post scriptus: By the time I’d sorted the thing out, with my old, slow brain, I was well away from the store, so the excess change went in a charity’s Christmas kettle.  I don’t lose my cool over what might be though an insult (I’m still young and vital, dang gummit!), but I also don’t want to load any more karmic deadfalls than I already have.

2 Responses to “Snow on the Roof”

  1. How ’bout this one… Last week a friend from TO was in sunny SoCal “on course”. Saturday evening a group of us went out “clubbing” and I was the designated driver. He, too, is 10 years my junior – and looks younger – he was IDed. While stopped at a light my friend was hanging out his window trying to pick up some California Girl in the next lane. After enduring 30 seconds of his guff she asked him if his father approved of his behaviour. It, too, took me a moment to register the situation, and by then we’d driven off. Besides… she was dissing him, not me. Yeah. That’s it.

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