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A Khan of the plank, and a king of the sea, and a great lord of Leviathans….

Posted by Dirck on 6 December, 2011

I discovered a pen in my email this morning.  Is that not whimsical?

Not, as should be obvious, a literal pen, but a pen in potenial.  This penipotentiary comes to be through a small matter of effort and a fair dose of good luck.  Last week, I listened to the inaugural outing of the FPGeeks podcast, in which there was a trivial question.  Responses would be randomly selected from for a prize pen; effort came in responding, and luck in that I bear the prize away.

That prize is a Noodler’s Ahab, another in the ink maker’s growing stable of things to run ink through (I draw my title from the description of the eponymous captain in Melville’s book) .  Mine is being provided by the small enterprise of Goulet Pens, with the sole restriction that it’s got to be one they’ve currently got in stock.  I’ve given a second choice, just in case my first gets gobbled up before the Geeks are able to put in the order; I’m not very picky once the “fountain pen” qualification has been achieved.

There is a small irony that nibbles at this joy, as is ever the case in my world.  Not very long ago, I gave into curiosity, and ordered the functionally similar Noodler’s Flex (from yet another small but vibrant concern, isellpens.com).  I’ve not quite sorted out my feelings about it, and have only the skeleton of a page yet for my site… and suddenly I find if I’d waited a little, I’d have a Noodler pen with no layout whatsoever.

Oh, well.  Pens task me, and I must have them.

Today’s pen, off the larboard beam: Élysée Somethingorother (just about as different from yesterday’s pen as one can get and still stay a fountain pen (possible ID! See Thursday!))
Today’s ink, fetching how much on the Nantucket dock I cannot tell, but a barrel-full is costly indeed: Pelikan 4001 Brillian Brown

post scriptus: All this referential semi-comedy renews the sadness felt at the disappearance of Ink Quest, one of the great blogs of our age.  Alas, the teeth of memory.

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