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Cup of Poison

Posted by Dirck on 23 November, 2011

As I sit here, I’m going slowly mad.

Um… madder?  Mad in a different key?  I’m sure you follow my meaning.  There is a new receptionist at the Regular Job, and she’s put a thing on her desk I find deeply offensive, but which I cannot state the objection because it is not only so ideosyncratic that it would be butterfly nets and amusing chse scenes the rest of the afternoon, but it is also an objection which I find idiotic myself.

It’s a pen cup.

I’m sure the constant reader will have a sense of the foundation of my objection; a bunch of pens rolling around promiscuously in a mug, battering their finish to a fine matte.  How terrible must someone like me find that prospect?

However, there’s no real pens in there, by my estimate.  A load of very cheap ballpoints with a leavening of low-grade mechanical pencils.  It’s certainly not the case that my sympathy is extending to that kind of writing instrument, and so my concern with the apparition is surprising.  I find myself suppressing the urge to deliver a lecture on pen-care to the receptionist, all the same.

I guess the effort of the recent weeks has taken some toll on my equilibrium.  The answer is clearly to never make any effort again– I’ll get my doctor to write out a prescription for indolence.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Legacy 1
Today’s ink: Diamine Syrah (yes, still)

3 Responses to “Cup of Poison”

  1. Lani said

    I have a pen cup. With the same assortment of contents… plus a couple of Heros. It’s a diversionary tactic to keep people from trying to use *my* pens. (No, you cannot use my 1918 Mabie Todd to fill out your duplicate form. See the pen cup.)

    (Not only are my pens cheap ballpoints, they’re cheap FREE ballpoints, advertising many insurance companies, or whatever latest vendor fair I attended.)

    • [faints, on soft part of ground]

      Actually, we’ve got one about the house, as a repository for household utility pens (but no fountain pens, EVEN Heros). This makes my reaction to the object even harder to understand, and I can only hope the problem is cognitive rather than neurological.

  2. […] formation.  Today’s complaint is more in line with my recent strange lashing-out regarding a completely innocuous pen-cup, in that the degree of ire is so far out of scale to offense that it somewhat baffles […]

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