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That Darned Cat

Posted by Dirck on 22 November, 2011

Before I give up entirely on semi-meta-entries about the process of getting the new site up, I want to mention briefly the reason behind the bonanza of time I had to devote to the final push.  It was very cold on Friday night, about -27C.

“That seems a non sequitur, chum.”

They are connected, I assure you.  I had mentioned in a previous entry that part of last weekend was to have been devoted to building shelter and heating for the cat abandoned by our monstrous ex-neighbours.  Since that was to happen after a night of blistering cold, my wife, who has a heart of indescribable tenderness, rigged out bathroom to lodge the foundling for the night.

The problem with this state of affairs, if I may describe it so, is that I also have some unfashionable coronary softness.  I was all too able, in the course of the night and the subsequent morning, to put myself into the place of the cat; thrust away by the beloved family, offered some succor, finally brought in out of the cold… and then thrust out again?  All this without the capacity to reason or ask questions of the human agents?  There’s a horror that could not be put into words by King nor Lovecraft nor Dunsany nor Poe on their best day, and I found that I could not put myself into the role of the hard-case who insists that it be carried out, especially since our cats proved surprisingly indifferent to the presence of the intruder.

So, Sam the Foundling is still in our bathroom while all the felines involved get used to the idea and while my wife and I try to think of a better name for him– Augusta, Cleo, Hercule, Oberon… and Sam.  No good.  The time I was to have put towards building a physical structure I was able to apply towards a virtual ediface.  Wins all around, as long as I don’t consider the long-term costs of yet another cat in the house.

That I was also able to avoid spending a day in outdoor construction while exposed to high winds and -20C temperatures has absolutely no bearing on the matter.

Now, for an actual nonsequitur:  Someone’s decided to build a full, functional Babbage Analytical Engine.  Neat!

Today’s pen: X-Pens Atlantic
Today’s ink: Noodler’s blue

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