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Burgundian Delight

Posted by Dirck on 15 November, 2011

Last week, a shipment of Diamine inks appeared on our doorstep; five bottles, bringing the total household ink level up to about two litres (or in normal peoples’ terms, about 60 years’ worth).  There were a few colours I was anxious to try, and this anxiety found me in a moment of weakness last month.

One of the colours that really had me in a stir was Syrah, which others had led me to believe was a much more successful attempt at a wine-like colour that the Claret I had previously stumbled upon; I don’t complain about the latter, as it was essentially free, but the suggestive name on the bottle’s lable has been taunting me.  I should, of course, have learned over the years that listening to the opinion of others in highly subjective matters is foolish, and “that’s a nice colour” is very close to “what a pretty smell” and “this tastes great” at the high end of the subjectivity spectrum.  Combine that with the damaging effects of elevated expectations, and I very nearly guaranteed myself a great disappointment upon opening the bottle.

…but not this time.  Short of having something that rendered the paper under it clear so it could be held up to light for the admiration of ruby prismatic effects, I can’t imagine a more successful attempt at bringing the colour of a glass of wine to inks.  Here’s a scan that hardly does it justice.  It’s too pale by half, and loses some of the muting blue tone that renders it so delicious… to look at:

  I think I have found something to topple Noodler’s Tulipe Noire from my favourite ink in that part of the colour-wheel, and like the Noodler’s there’s enough of it in a bottle that I won’t feel the need to save it for special occasions.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Legacy
Today’s ink: Diamine Syrah

post scriptus – the combination above is a bit of a celebratory indulgence, reflecting my happiness at the wrapping up of The Great Work and also at finding that the infection my son presented yesterday afternoon is responding with ridiculous speed to the antibiotics he’ll be taking for the rest of the week, no matter how healthy he seems in the meantime.


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