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Big Day for Mankind, Big Weekend for a Man

Posted by Dirck on 10 November, 2011

Here I am mixing metaphors, since that title will more likely put folks in mind of the summer activity of moon exploration rather than a wintery observation of the end of somewhat mis-named War to End All Wars.  I will not be here tomorrow, as we have the day off to become properly mindful of the great sacrifices of past and current soldiers (which has not yet become infected with the US tendency to make everything into an excuse for a SALE!!1!! despite the efforts of the trans-national big boxes).  After I’ve had my yearly weep, I’m going to remove the adjective “interminable” from my website rework, likely by installing a few “under construction” signs.

…which does not necessarily mean that I’ll have it up and running.  The WordPress software I’m using has, I find belatedly, painted me into a bit of a corner as far as the big reveal goes, and it may take me a little effort to get the things out in the open without erasing the whole thing or formatting the server.

Hyperbole, of course, but given what I perceive as a technical challenge, I’m not going to promise anything more than “sometime in the next ten days.”  You are guaranteed that I’ll shout myself hoarse about the transition here.

Today’s pen: Vacumatic Major
Today’s ink: Diamine Prussian Blue


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